The Brainstorm

In brainstorming, there are only thinker uppers, only sparkplugs. There are no toner downers, no brakes, no critics, no judges until all the ideas are in.

our first step toward the solution of any problem is to define it clearly.
The definition should be as succinct and simply put as you can possibly make it.
I suggest that you think about your problem until it’s nature and limits are so clear in your mind that you can easily write down the complete problem in one simple statement.

Then, Come up with and write down as many ideas, as many possible solutions, as you can think of.
It takes enthusiasm, concentration, and perseverance to find the best ideas to solve a problem.
Remember, you’re striving now only for a quantity of ideas.

Ready for Action

Every idea you have may not be worth creative action. And, that’s why you must skillfully evaluate each of them.

Always give yourself two deadlines. First, a date on which you want to start putting your idea into action and second a date by which you want to complete the action,

The Creative Person

project the image of the creative person on your own actions and then judge for yourself.

he creative person realizes that his mind is an inexhaustible storehouse.
But, in order to draw from this storehouse, he must constantly augment its stock of information, thoughts and wisdom.

The person we’re talking about has a carefully thought out and clearly defined set of goals toward which he’s working.
By knowing where he’s going and determining to get there, he gives meaning and purpose to his daily work, to everything he does.
He never wastes time just drifting.

The creative person knows his brain thrives on exercise. So, he uses a part of each day for thinking imaginatively about three things, himself, his work, and his fellow man.

the creative person always has a pad and pencil handy. When he gets an idea, he writes it down.

A friend of mine, a very successful writer, writes his books this way. He labels each envelope with a name of a chapter. Then, whenever he gets an idea or finds new material, he sees that it gets into the proper envelope. Before long his book has practically written itself.

Without problems, there’d be little reason to think at all. Welcoming them as normal and predictable parts of living singles him out as an above average person.
He knows it’s a waste of time merely to worry about problems. So, he wisely invests the same time and energy in solving problems.

The Challenge of Creativity

Thinking seems to divide itself into two areas: hard work and inspiration.
You’ve had the experience of working long and hard on a problem without any real results. And then, all of the sudden the solution hits you.
this wonderful experience almost never comes without our first preparing the way.
It’s the methodical striving that makes possible the illuminating flash of insight.

Challenge, at least in the back of your mind, everything that you’re doing as you used to do it.

If you’ll continue to practice it every day of your life, you’ll become a master at it and win a master’s reward.

Maybe it doesn’t make any difference if you still lace your shoes the way you’ve always laced them. But, it does make a difference if you don’t challenge the way you lace them or why you lace them. Just such a challenge changed the shoe industry and today a good many of men’s shoes are made with no laces at all.
So, form the habit of really thinking about, of questioning everything you do, everything you see. Some

When you ask yourself why the steering wheel on your car is round, it’s not necessarily because you want to invent a square one. It’s because you’re practicing your art, the art of creative thinking.
You’re sharpening your mind and encouraging it to perform the highest function a human being is capable of, deliberate creative thought.

When you get an idea you think is good, hang it up on an imaginary hook and walk all the way around it.
Look at it from every angle, poke it, pull it, twist it, stretch it in new directions, try to improve it.

Make creative thinking a normal part of your life and attitude and you’ll find your world being filled to the brim with a wonderful new interest.