LESSON 5 - Turn Your Problems into Opportunities

Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.

-- Napoleon Hill

After the initial disappointment wears off, you have a choice to make.
You can either wallow in misery and dwell on the negative aspects of your situation or you can find the benefit or lesson that the problem is offering.

A problem may point out an adjustment you can make to improv ecertain conditions in your life.
Without the ptoblem, you never would have taken this positive action.

Finding the Benefit

From Tragedy To Triumph

No pressure, no diamonds.

-- Mary Case

The things which hurt, instruct.

-- Benjamin Franklin

Business Disappointment Is Blessing In Disguise

When one door shuts, there is always a better one waiting to be opened.

Career Change Emerges From Frustration

I had to break through that low mood so I would understand the power of a positive attitude.

How Adversity Serves Us

  1. Adversity gives us perspective. After a life threatning illness, you're able to rise above the petty annoyances of daily living and focus your attention on the truly important things in life.
  2. Adversity teaches us to be grateful. You develop a deeper appreciation for many aspects of your life. You don't appreciate something until it's taken away from you. The wise person continues to dwell on blessings.
  3. Adversity brings out our hidden potential. You emerge emotionally stronger. Life has tested you. You're then better equipped. During challenges we discover abilities we never knew we possessed. Adversity reveals to you your own strengths and capacities.
  4. Advesity encourages to make changes and take action. Most people cling to old familiar patterns regardless of how boring or painful their lives have become. It often takes a crisis to make adjustments. Problems are life's way of letting you know you're off course and need to take corrective action.
  5. Adversity teaches us valuable lessons.
  6. Adversity opens new doors. The problem is an opportunity in disguise. A better door is waiting to be opened.
  7. Adversity build confidence and self-esteem. When you muster all of your courage and determination to overcome an obstacle, you feel competent and gain confidence. You have a greater feeling of self-worth and you carry these positive feelings into subsequent activities.

Look For The Positive

Part 2 - Watch Your Words

Repeat anything often enough and it will start to become you.

-- Tom Hopkins

Lesson 6 - Your Words Blaze a Trail

The words you consistently select will shape your destiny

-- Anthony Robbins

Your words have an incredible power. They can build a bright future, destroy opportunities or maintain the status quo.
Your words reinforce your beliefs, and your beliefs create your reality.

Thoughts -> Words -> Beliefs -> Actions -> Results

You can't keep repearing negative words and expect to be a high achiever.

Scientist’s Words Are Worth Looking At

In words are seen the state of mind, charac- ter and disposition of the speaker.

-- Plutarch

To Tell… Or Not To Tell

Use positive self-talk as often as possible.
They key is that you hear this positive input again and again. And it'll become deeply rooted in your subconscious mind.

Words And Accountability

This is the approach of "burning your bridges".
Sometimes the only way to move foreward in life is to cut off all avenues of retreat.

Words And Emotions

In his best-selling book "Awaken the Giant within", Anthony Robbins devote an entire chapter to the way in which our vocabulary affects our emotions, our beliefs and our effectiveness in life.

Juicy, exciting words lift your spirit to a higher level and profoundly influence those around you.

If you project yourself in 5 years and answer "I don't know where I'm going to be in my career.", chances are nont much will change.
Your language reflects your lack of vision and direction.
If on the other hand you have a clear goal that you can articulate, you stand an excellent chance of reaching that goal.

You Have A Choice

When we repeat certain phrases over and over, it's as if a "groove" is formed in our brain.
We keep replaying the same old refrain in our heads like a broken record.

Recognize that just because you've said things in the past, there's no reason to blindly continue doing so.
While it takes discipline and vigilance to make changes in your language, it's well worth the effort.
Consciously choose words that point you in the direction of your goals.

Lesson 7 - How Are You?

Your answer to the question "How are you?" can shape your attitude.

Negative response:

Mediocre response:

Those words will develop a mediocre attitude, and will lead to mediocre results.

Positive responses:

Form A New Habit

If you repeatedly state that your life is Wonderful, your mind will begin to move you in a positive direction.

You may be tempted to answer "I'm tired", but if you were to discover you won millions in the lottery a few seconds later, you'll jump like crazy.
It shows it's all foremost mental.
It all depends on what you focus on. If you think about your blessings, you will more likely feel energized.

We become what we think about.

Respond with enthusiasm, with energy, a smile and a sparkle in your eyes.
Apply the as-if principle.
Act as if.