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The purpose of Kriya Yoga is mind-purification that will lead to its own dissolution into the ecstasy of nothingness (Nirvikalpa Samadhi).

Masters and Organizations

Kriya Yoga practices can often become mechanical, which can lead to a wall in many practitioners.
Be careful about not getting attached to the techniques though.
One must use the Kriya Techniques as a bridge only, not as a goal.
There is a time when the techniques themselves must be dropped, and you then stay only in the Bliss of being.

Practicing Pranayama helps you gather all the spread-out prana into the Sushumna Nadi, the middle channel of the spine. This will eventually raise Kundalini, and your consciousness center will move into the Void in the head, where you will experience a blissful heightened consciousness state. But this is not Liberation or true Freedom.

Too much reading and theory is bad for you;
detach yourself from your desire to experience a particular outcome.
You, in your limited vision, don’t know what’s best for you. Surrender yourself to God, and let go of the illusion of control.

What comes and goes is temporary and can never be eternal, and what is not eternal is not worth pursuing.
Only the eternal is worth striving for.
Pure Consciousness IS eternal.

Consciousness is continuous, even during the apparent unconscious periods.

True Spirituality is for going beyond time, space and the whole (Formless Samadhi; Nirvikalpa, which is temporary, and Sahaja, which is permanent, Full Realization).
God is beyond the “all.” The “all” and the “one” are still a dualistic view from the mind’s perspective.
To know that you are one with everything is a knowledge of the mind. There is still you and everything.
When you and everything dissolve, that is non-duality. God is beyond duality. God is formless non-duality.

It is the mind that creates time.
you have a strong identification with your mind.

Enlightenment is the end of you, of who you think you are, of your ego-personality-based consciousness. It is more than pure ecstasy and bliss.

The Inner Guru

Your own consciousness is your true Guru. Not some distant special consciousness, but your own consciousness.
Without consciousness, nothing would be.

Kriya Yoga is mainly about the power of concentration and one-pointedness. Because of this, many Kriya Yogis lack true Wisdom, as they focus exclusively on the energy part (Shakti) and forget about the Consciousness part (Shiva). Both must be combined.

“Self is the one and only Guru.”
“Attune yourself to the active inner Guidance.”

The Techniques of Kriya Yoga - General View

Techniques end up being the goal instead of the means. One must understand that techniques are used to reach one stage. Once you get there, you must let go of the technique itself.
Kriya Yoga is a means, not the goal.
God is the goal.
Your true You is the goal.

You must be open and willing to let go of all the ideas and beliefs you have accumulated in the past.
After a certain point, though, it is necessary to drop the emphasis on the techniques and focus on who is witnessing what’s happening.

Using the mind to overcome the mind is very tough, as the mind is very hard to crack.
What we must do is still the mind first, and then revert it back to itself.
Then we won’t be using the mind at all (mental processes or mental activities), but just reposing the mind on itself. This is the proper way.

We practice like this until the mind gets very stilled/controlled (First Kriya):
Phase 1:
Consciousness -> Mind (using the mind's power of attention -> Object of meditation (breathing, mantra, etc.)

The mind reverts to itself, just Being.

Phase 2:
Consciousness -> Mind (no mind activity, just being the object of meditation, absence of object, emptiness)

“Just Being” state. We “notice” it and stay with it.

Phase 3:
Us (pure blissful existence) <-> Consciousness

Only Consciousness remains; the mind was dissolved as it can’t stand on its own without an object. The mind flourishes with objects and dies with the bliss of emptiness (Enlightenment).

we control the mind via Pranayama and a few other techniques and then go consciously and directly to the After-Effect-Poise of Kriya.
The First Kriya is to stabilize and still the mind (phase 1), and the Final Kriya is to turn it toward itself (phase 2), until all that is left is our Bliss Consciousness.

“The mind, turned outwards, results in thoughts and objects. Turned inwards, it becomes itself the Self [God]. To ask the mind to kill the mind is like making the thief the policeman. He will go with you and pretend to catch the thief, but nothing will be gained.”

First Kriya

Our goal is to still the mind and Prana in the brain region. Once the mind is under control we just have to make it go through Amrita Nadi to the Spiritual Heart.

There, the mind will dissolve and the more often you take it there, the more you will start shifting from the ego-self to the True Self, until all there is, is Pure Bliss.

We will do the most simple Pranayama that gets the job of stilling the mind done, so we can easily turn it toward itself.

If you have reached the breathless state, this is the perfect moment to go directly to the Final Special Kriya and turn the mind 180º on itself! (Breathlessness is not a prerequisite for the Final Special Kriya).