My Experience With The Golden Rule - James Penney

How much do I like it: 7/10

A bit verbose but it underlies a fundamental notion.
to be selfless and more compassionate to others.
It's counter intuitive but it's this way he had the idea to build a genuine partnership where the other person isn't fooled, but empowered as he himself would be in that situation.
The trick is to make the other person feel the greatest feelings we would feel in his place.

We do not see nor can we correctly interpret the present until we move away from it.
We build lasting values for later life.
What we do capitalizes us all the way along.
To seek to do the best for ourselves by doing right for all concerned is by no means an easy proposition.

As I try to read it all now it seems to me as if life has been trying to make me understand that a man has only to work with the universal law, and in turn, it will work from him.
But if he decides to work listening only his own judgement, he will get hurt. And the test itself goes on as long as life lasts.

My father: "From now on you will be responsible for buying your own clothing"
So I began to think how I could earn a little money.
No experience in my life has been more revealing in its great value than this.

I earned enough money to buy my shoes and to have, in hand, a surplus of two dollars and fifty cents. I invested this in a pig!
I fed it to my pig generously. In time he became a real pet, for I was establishing relations with him based on mutual interest and expectation.
But I had to remember that he was an investment and not a chum. So when the day came that I could sell him profitably I had to let him go.
I invested in small pigs, repeating the process.

Father: "I thought I would let you go ahead and see how far you could get with your pigs. But the neighbors have begun to complain. They want you to get rid of them"
There I was in business and experiencing public dissatisfaction!
I sold the pigs.
It was a long time after the event that I was able to look back upon the experience as one might look back upon a mountain.
The experience proved to be a treasure worthy to possess.

My father knew that if I was compelled to clothe myself it would make me think and search and find ways of earning the money to do it.
And furthermore he knew that I would learn this important fact:
We do not meet the demands of life with money. But with the imagination, forethought, plans and energy that earn the money.

Plus my father took pains to make me understand:

My father said: "We would resent it if a neighbor distressed and discomforted us in any way. Therefore, you see that a neighbor will resent distress and discomfort if we cause it.
This means we must do to everyone as we wish to be done by."

Later I was working in a business in which the neighbors (that is the customers) were to be given the highest possible consideration. Nothing less, in fact, that the age-old principle of doing to every other as one would be done by.
I could see myself spreading the spirit of the Golden Rule into every home that housed a customer of mine.

The problem with the broncho is to get on and stay on. This is the problem with the Golden Rule - to understand and to apply. To do this leads one into countless situations in which, to keep one vision clear, it takes all one skill and grit and faith.
it's difficult to see the ethical nature of every situation.
If one can be faithful to one best, even in a few things, I assume that ultimately he will be rewarded as the good and faithful servant was in Bible times.

It was at this time that I got the vision of a chain of stores under partner- ownership. When my employers, now my partners, placed upon my shoulders the responsibility of managing a store and sold me an interest in it, I developed as I could never have done under employment
This suddenly appealed to me as the secret of loyal employee and employer relationship. It all reduced itself to choosing the best men, giving them the highest and hardest training and compensating them with an interest in the business.
I knew that this plan, developed and expanded, would have the same stimulating effect upon others that it had had upon me.

the secret lies in choosing the right men not for what they do at the time but for what they are capable of doing.
Not for their present ability, but for that latent skill and judgment that I am sure exist in every man waiting to be put into action.

the Golden Rule is too little considered and honored.
Instead of seeing a worker as a flat surface on which to rest,
if you keep the employee alive and alert, he moves forward into larger areas of understanding and responsibility. to inspire him to realize in full on his ability.
It would seem to me, then, that to hire a man and literally leave him as it, is the beginning of a degree of human dissatisfaction.
But give a man an opportunity to develop his skill in a business that is a laboratory opportunity for his study and experiment, and that application of the Golden Rule will build a loyal worker.

The Golden Rule, if one adopts it, is a difficult master to serve.
The ship's captain will not throw the compass overboard because the wind blows fair and the day is sunny. For he knows, from the experiences of the ocean's instability, that the danger days of storm are always just ahead.
So the compass must always be handy and obedience to it must always be loyal. And so with the Golden Rule - the compass must be ever at hand through life's journey. It will see us through trying times. And perhaps the most trying of all times comes when success is riding high and we may be tempted to throw the compass overboard. It is then we must remember that all good days in human life come from the mastery of the days of trouble that are forever recurrent.

There is a message for young men who must meet the demands of daily living by daily work of some kind.
Work should always be to a purpose that contributes to the common good. Any man can do that kind of work. And the world needs it constantly.
How much of it a man can do, he himself will determine by what he gets of knowledge, what he develops by skill, what he seeks through initiative, what he finally contributes through effort.
It's his responsability. No one can give them to him.

knowldge, skill and initiative, and energy: to make them yield the utmost of return upon what he does with them.
each one of these factors is the winged messenger of the great principle.
A man needs no knowledge that defies the Golden Rule. He should possess no skill that dishonors it. His initiative should always be in its direction and his energy should always be in its direction and his energy should always server it in its ultimate purpose.

doing for others what we would wish another to do for us.

Take time to discover what you would prefer above all else to make your life work. You may have to do a lot of temporary jobs before you reach the one your ambition places above all others. But if your idea is clear and your determination firm, you will surely reach it.
Remember that it is often necessary in life to learn to work hard at many things before you arrive at the very great privilege of working hard at the one thing you prize the most.

the Golden Rule, the Decalogue, the Sermon on the Mount

Remember, that all this effort to reach your preference in life work and your further effort to perfect it within the scope of your ability is for just one purpose. And that purpose is to give service to the utmost of your ability.

the real man who is on the inside of all of us.
learn how to pray. Not for yourself alone, but for your family, your associates, the men with whom you don't get along…

"Nothing will lift the thoughts of men to higher levels like unselfish prayer for one another."