The neville nibbles - Manifesting to the Max

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

Not a book, rather like a blog post discussing some of Neville's quotes.
Yes, the power of reframing the past is underestimated. It can empower or destroy you. With the same amount of effort.


The outer world is a delayed reflection of the inner;
It replaces what occurred in the outer world with the revised version. The revised scene then gives off its effect by going forth to change future events.

Start noticing - how often you can have fun - doing that - and how many times a day you can do this.

Resources where YOUR action of self is predominant:


“Dwelling on past irritations or hurts perpetuates them and creates a vicious circle that serves to conform these negative emotions.”
“The circle can be broken by starting now to revise anything that you no longer wish to sustain in your world.”
“By revising the past, you rid yourself of any effect it may have on your future. Revision is truly the key, which can be used to unlock the doors that have kept you trapped in a particular state.”

The questions you ask - routinely - are RESOURCES. Make sure you have GOODIE QUESTIONS.