The whole movement of life is learning - J. Krishnamurti's letter to his schools

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Interesting. Jiddu speaks out what's dear to his heart. And education certainly is one of his most cherrished thing.
We all should have opinions on this, whether being a parent, a teacher, or a student. We shall learn and teach all life long.


The flowering is really very important; otherwise education becomes merely a mechanical process oriented to a career.

These letters should be studied in the same manner, not read one morning and forgotten in the rest of the day. One must give time to it, play with it, question it, inquire into it without acceptance. Live with it for some time; digest it so that it is yours and not the writer’s.

1. TOTAL EDUCATION - These schools are to cultivate the total human being

Society, the culture in which we live, demands that the student must be oriented towards a job and physical security.
career first and everything else second; that is, money first and the complex ways of our daily life second.

our specializing in a particular career, are making our minds more and more narrow, limited and incomplete.

2. GOODNESS - Freedom is essential for the beauty of goodness

Goodness does not reveal itself when there is any kind of imitation or conformity, and it cannot exist when there is fear.
Goodness is expressed in action.
Thought, which is very complex, must be understood; the very understanding of it awakens thought to its own limitation.

Good behaviour is in essence the absence of the self, the “me”. It shows itself in politeness, in consideration for others, in yielding without losing integrity.

Goodness shows itself in action. To act correctly is one of the most difficult things to do.

There is a non-mechanical action, but you have to discover it. You cannot be told about it; you cannot be instructed in it; you cannot learn from examples, for then it becomes imitation and conformity. Then you have lost freedom completely and there is no goodness.