The Multi-Orgasmic Man - Sexual secrets every man should know

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Sex is probably one of the greatest gems of Life. Everyone discover and experience it by himself. This book seems to be serious and interesting enough to explore this taboo, yet important topic.


The techniques in this book have been tested and refined by countless lovers over thousands of years in the laboratory of real life


Over three thousand years ago, the Chinese recognized that men can achieve multiple orgasms by delaying and even withholding ejaculation. This is possible because orgasm and ejaculation are two distinct physical processes, though they have long been equated in the West.

“In the normal, everyday sort of ejaculation my pleasure is quickly over with. Not so in multiple orgasms. The pleasure generated here stays with me throughout the day. There seems to be no final peak to this pleasure, either. This practice offers the added bonus of affording extra energy, so I am just never tired. Now I can have as much sex as I want and I can control it rather than have it control me. What more can a man ask for?”

“Basically, I have slept with three women since starting to practice these techniques, and all three have told me that I was their best, literally said it to me while we were in bed: ‘This is the best I have ever had.’ ”

the importance of orgasming without ejaculating. In reporting on these surprising studies, the New York Times concluded, “Creating sperm is far more difficult than scientists had imagined, demanding a diversion of resources that might otherwise go into assuring a male’s long-term health.”

Many men begin experiencing multiple orgasms within a week or two, and most are able to master the technique within three to six months.

The Taoists have always known that if a man understands the true nature of his sexuality, it will only improve as he matures.

CHAPTER ONE - The Proof Is in Your Pants

Since orgasm and ejaculation generally occur within seconds of one another, it is easy to confuse them.
To become multi-orgasmic, you must learn (or possibly relearn) the ability to separate the different sensations of arousal and to revel in orgasm without cresting over into ejaculation.

Brain Waves and Reflexes

Orgasm is one of the most intense and satisfying human experiences, and if you have ever had an orgasm—and almost all men have—you will not need to have it defined. All orgasms, however, are not created equal. Orgasm is slightly different for each person and even different for the same person at different times. Nonetheless, men’s orgasms share certain characteristics, including rhythmic body movements, increased heart rate, muscle tension, and then a sudden release of tension, including pelvic contractions. They feel good, too.

Brain-wave research is beginning to reveal that orgasm may occur primarily in the brain. That you can have an orgasm in your sleep—without any bodily touch—seems to confirm this theory.
when certain parts of the brain are stimulated with electrodes they produce sexual pleasure identical to that produced by physical stimulation.

Unlike orgasm, which is a peak emotional and physical experience, ejaculation is simply a reflex that occurs at the base of the spine and results in the ejection of semen.

With practice, you can learn to experience the peak feeling of orgasm without triggering the reflex of ejaculation.