A Guru Always Takes You for a Ride

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

A very short talk from Sadhguru. Only a few pages long.
Those are the things I was telling myself when I was young and everything sounded promising. I was a different person by then.


In this volume, Sadhguru elucidates what it takes to receive the Guru's Grace and evolve into a higher possibility.

"The Guru is constantly taking his disciples and devotees for a ride, because if you really tell them what they are supposed to swallow, they will just say this is impossible and run away."

-- Sadhguru

the trouble that both the giver and the receiver can get into by simply giving somebody something for which they are not yet ready.
If you receive something before you evolve yourself to a point where you are ready to receive it, the great gift may become a great curse.

wanting to be the best or the most. You know, whatever you do, you want to be the most.

if you give him something, you will only overburden him. You will only destroy his life. If you are concerned about somebody's ultimate well-being, you must put him through the painstaking process of evolving himself to a higher possibility.

many people are going through this. In the society, in the world, they are like lions, but inside they are like mice. They are constantly struggling within themselves - always.
Whenever a person is placed in a situation which is beyond his wit or want, that person will suffer so much insecurity and fear.
if you give somebody something which is beyond their capabilities, if you give somebody something beyond what they deserve, suddenly they become so mean-minded, because somewhere inside they are small.
It is nature for a cat to eat a mouse, for a dog to eat a cat, for a bigger animal to eat the dog. Unless they evolve to that position, if you give them that position, they will only suffer and they will bring suffering upon everybody."
If you do not grow into that possibility, but just aspire for that, then you are just bringing heaps of trouble upon yourself.
So meditation - whether you are in a temple, Dhyanalinga, or sitting with a Guru - is not a time to ask. It is a time to imbibe and allow this one to evolve into a higher possibility.

Question: Sadhguru, I feel that there is a very fine line between being trustful and being naïve. How can I manage this?