Encounter the Enlightened Sadhguru, A Profound Mystic Of Our Times

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

Good stuffs to reflect upon. The nature of the mind is to accumulate, Grace only comes when you empty your whole identity.


When I first met Sadhguru, I wasn’t even sure he could speak English, and I didn’t care. The energy transmitted by him coursed through my body, making every hair stand erect. Then he spoke. Simply, directly, with uncanny logic that can’t be denied, yet with words that seemed to portray a deeper meaning that penetrated my heart and soul.

despite the limitations of using printed language to share this being we experience as Sadhguru, it is worth the risk.
His knowing glance, the inflection of his voice, his wonderful humor, infectious laughter and his powerful physical presence will be absent from these pages. But the mystery and grace of such a Divine Being can never be limited.


most people have become insensitive to tasting life firsthand.
Many people who come merely out of curiosity to his talks, leave mesmerized, disturbed, awed, in love, angry and they always come back for more. Nobody has ever fueled their emotions, their energies and their lives in this manner.

How can an outpouring of energies with just that wisp of a smile, a burst of laughter, a tear that escapes from the damp eyes, or a gesture of the hand and the tone of the voice, convey the subtler nuances, the space and the silence between the spoken words? Can justice be done to our Master’s spoken words in the print media?
Maybe not. But then let those who have never seen him or heard him have at least a glimpse of the possibility that he is. This is an invitation to go beyond words.


The nature of the mind is always to accumulate. When it is gross, it wants to accumulate things; when it becomes a little more evolved, it wants to accumulate knowledge. When emotion becomes dominant, it wants to accumulate people.
Mind is a gatherer, always wanting to gather something. When a person starts thinking or believing that he is on a spiritual path, then his mind starts accumulating so-called spiritual wisdom.
whatever it gathers, until one goes beyond the need to accumulate – whether it is food or things or people or knowledge or wisdom – it does not matter what you accumulate the need to accumulate means there is an insufficiency.
the feeling of being insufficient has entered into this unbounded being only because somewhere you got identified with limited things that you are not.

If you need to experience Grace, you have to become empty, your vessel has to become totally empty.
When you are willing even to drop all your capabilities and your incapabilities, all your likes and dislikes, above all, all the stuff, all the substance that makes you think, “this is me,” if you are willing to drop all the substance that is supporting your limited self, then also Grace happens.

Whatever we are calling as awareness is just to start creating a distance between all that you think and feel and yourself.


The morning sun dispels the darkness of the night…
The Master shatters the very foundations of society’s limitations in these interactions.