Compulsiveness to Consciousness

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Interesting, this question about relationship, why we seek for it, the paradox that they may chain us more than liberate us, although we emprison ourselves through them on our own accord.

Compulsiveness to Consciousness

Human beings constantly make and break relationships.
Unfortunately, relationships can make and break human beings too. No one cherishes slavery but many of us have enslaved ourselves to our relationships.

What is this primal urge within us that demands a bond – physical, mental, or emotional – with another?
Do we form and maintain relationships to fulfill our needs, or do we do it to express our joy? Are we extracting something or are we sharing something?

Exploring the possibility of living an absolutely fulfilling and complete life without the need for any kind of relationship at all, Sadhguru tells us that to live magically, without emotional inadequacies or ungratified physical compulsions, is within the reach of every human being, if only we make the journey from compulsiveness to consciousness.

“Don’t try to manage the other person. Just see how to include the other person.”

most people could not live without it – but at the same time, most relationships bring more pain than joy, more entanglement than freedom, more acrimony than love. It is for a few moments of rapport and oneness which people share, that they are willing to sacrifice their whole life.

Everything has something to give and everything has something to take. It is only because a certain emotional need is, to some extent, fulfilled by these relationships, that one can continue with them.

The fear of being alone is the major reason why people stay together.