Bha-ra-ta - The Rhythm of a Nation

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Interesting book to understand what's so special about India and its history.


Nations are made and held together on the basis of race, religion, language or ethnicity. We are a colorful combination of all this and more. Sameness is the formula of nation building, but Bharat stands in defiance of this mediocrity.
The way people look, their language, their food, their way of dressing, and their music and dance – everything changes every fifty or hundred kilometers in this country.

a sense of awareness and wisdom to this mass of people, which is very hard to find anywhere else. You may find it in individual people, but a large mass of people having a certain unconscious awareness of many aspects of life is not present anywhere else in the world.

in World War I, hundreds of thousands of Indian soldiers fought alongside the British. At the same time, we were fighting for our own nation’s freedom in a peaceful manner on the streets. This is a phenomenon unknown anywhere – that you could protest against your enemy at home, but at the same time, fight alongside him elsewhere.
We’re crazy, but it is this madness that makes us unique. We always held what is right above our own wellbeing.

It is because of this organic nature of our existence that invaders, who came in waves through the last millennium, did not know how to deal with us. They could not figure out what they could destroy in us to destroy our identity, because it is not any one thing; it is too complex.

A garden needs constant tending. If you do not tend to it for a few months, it’s gone. But a forest has been there for millions of years, and it will continue to be there.

The Power of a Name

We have always seen land or earth as a mother, because if we sow a seed, life grows.
This seeking is not something we invented. It is the nature of human intelligence to want to know, realize, and liberate itself.
No matter how badly you contaminate human beings with belief systems and brainwash them, once their survival is taken care of, they always want to know the nature of their existence, and of everything around them.

Bharat means bha – ra – ta. Bhava means sensation. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching are different types of sensations. Your whole experience of life is sensory right now.
Bha means sensation, out of which emotion arises. Ra means raga, or the tune.
Now you have to find the rhythm, which is the tala. If you find the right rhythm, you are a fantastic human being. If you miss the rhythm, you get crushed by the process of life.

Kiran Bedi: Did we make a mistake in converting our name from Bharat to India?
Sadhguru: A serious mistake.
Whenever somebody occupies a nation, the first thing they will do is change your name. This is the technology of dominance, this is the technology of enslaving.
Thiruvananthapuram is “Trivandrum,” Chennai is “Madras”.
“India.” What does it mean? It does not mean anything. If I give you a meaningless name, you will become a meaningless.

If you are not proud of who you are, why the hell should you stay here? Right now if the western countries open up their visa policy, eighty percent of Indians will swim across the oceans and go away! That means you are holding them by force, it is a prison.