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Sadhguru’s response to the predicament has been, “You cannot choose a Guru. Deepen your longing and the Guru will choose you,” - a reality from his own life.

"I prefer the hen that looks up to the sky than an eagle that flies but always looking down.
How high is not the question, but how intense is your longing for the sky."
-- Sadhguru

Chapter 1 - Seeker’s Predicament

Seeker: Sadhguru, as I walk this path, I am becoming aware of the many fears and insecurities I have within me. How do I leave these behind and move ahead?

Sadhguru: You don’t have to leave your fears and insecurities because they don’t really exist. You keep creating them unconsciously.
If you don’t create them, they don’t really exist. Why you create them and how to stop creating them, that’s your question.
As long as you’re identified as a physical body, as long as your experience of life is limited to your physical and mental faculties, fear and insecurity are inevitable.
It’s just that different people may be at different levels of fear and insecurity. Today, if your life is happening well, you might have forgotten your insecurity. Tomorrow, if your life is turned upside down, you will be reminded because it’s always within you.

Experiencing yourself beyond the physical is what we’re referring to as spiritual.
In most people, the very basis of prayer is fear and insecurity. If prayer exists in your life as an act only, it is obscene, being reverential towards one aspect and not being so to everything else.
Fear is just the creation of an overactive and out-of-control mind.

Seeker: But Sadhguru, isn’t it very natural and human to become anxious when things don’t go the way we expect them to?
Sadhguru: When things aren’t going the way you want them to go, that’s when your capability is most needed. When you become anxious, do you become more capable or less capable? Less capable, isn’t it?
So what you’re saying is to live unintelligently is human; that’s a very wrong idea. To live intelligently is what being human is all about.

Seeker: Much of the anxiety I experience comes through my relationships. Isn’t it reasonable to expect some understanding from other people?
Seeker: Suppose somebody is in a close relationship with me and is very important to me. Shouldn’t I expect better understanding from them?

“I’ve been thinking…you have been with me through all the bad times in my life. When I got fired, you were there to support me. When my business went down the tubes, you were there working overtime and doing night shifts. When I got shot you were by my side. When we lost the house in that legal clash, you were right there beside me. Now my health is failing, and you’re still by my side. Now when I consider all this, I think you only bring me bad luck!”
This is exactly what you’re doing to yourself and to your relationships.
If you understand them better, then you enjoy the closeness.

Sadhguru: See, it’s not that the other person is totally bereft of understanding. With your understanding you can create situations where the other person would be able to understand you better. If you’re expecting the other to understand and comply with you all the time while you don’t understand the limitations, the possibilities, the needs and the capabilities of that person, then conflict is all that will happen; it is bound to happen.
If you move your understanding beyond theirs, their understanding also becomes a part of your understanding. You will be able to embrace their limitations and capabilities. In everyone, there are some positive things and some negative things. If you embrace all this in your understanding, you can make the relationship the way you want it. If you leave it to their understanding, it will become accidental.

All I am asking is: do you want to be the one who decides what happens to your life?
If you do, you better include everything and everybody into your understanding. You should enhance your understanding to such a point that you can look beyond people’s madness also.
There are very wonderful people around you, but once in a while they like to go crazy for a few minutes. If you don’t understand that, you will lose them.
Life is not always a straight line; you have to do many things to keep it going. If you forsake your understanding, your capability will be lost.