Enlightenment: What it is

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Not easy to talk about something to someone who never experienced that thing, but he's doing a good job talking about it.


What does it really mean to know yourself?
what it means to live in the realm of the mystic – and why some get there and some don’t.

Enlightenment: What It Is

‘The most difficult thing about enlightenment is that it is too simple.’

Questioner: My basic question is what does enlightenment feel like?
Sadhguru: What does it feel like? Let's say you have never had the experience of drinking water and I have, if I try to describe to you how it feels to drink water, it doesn’t matter how articulate I am, will I ever get it across to you?

You have had pieces of life - some of them have been good, maybe some of them bitter, but you have had a certain slice of life. Suppose you had the whole pie for yourself, I would call that enlightenment. You are not seeking pieces anymore. You have become very greedy; you want all of it. Everything that can be known experientially, you want to know right now. If you do manage it, that's called enlightenment.

That's only because you do not have the right kind of instrument or the right kind of vehicle to turn inward. It is like you want to eat a chocolate, but you want to eat it through your ears.
It looks impossible because people do not make the necessary effort to find which way. They want to go the way they know.

The reason why it has become so difficult is because too much nonsense has been spoken about it. If nobody had said anything about it, many people would have found their way.

When I say ‘uncluttered’ - if your intelligence functions without being identified with anything in particular, then knowing the inner dimension becomes a natural process.

You have ignored yourself because they have always made you look up there, at some god that they themselves have not seen. Because of this, enlightenment has been transported or exported to heaven.

‘Many are called, but few choose.’

Sadhguru: I would say many are called, but few choose.
a few choose to take the step.
You have taken a million steps outward. But just one step inward is all it takes.
you are not willing to turn around because you have made investments on the outside.

‘When you are constantly in pursuit of security, you are in pursuit of death.’

Sadhguru: You have never seen your inside. What you are right now calling your ‘inside’ is your mind.
Your mind is just society’s garbage bin. Everything in your mind you picked up from outside.
So your mind is not inside, it is outside.

These five agencies that you are using to collect the impressions of life around you are not reliable at all.
everybody sees what they want to see. Everybody does not see what is there.
So the whole process of spirituality is just about enhancing your perception.
Everything else is just belief.

if you have to know life in an existential way, the only way is to enhance your perception - not by thinking it up, not by philosophizing, not by discussion, not by believing. You can receive and know life only with enhanced perception.
If your perception is full on, you receive everything that can be received and know life in its totality. We would call that enlightenment.

I will say enlightenment would be like this: if you sit here, your body is here, your mind is out there, but what is ‘you’ is always away from these two things. You can use the body, you can use the mind, but what is ‘you’ is always a little away from these two things.
If you look at life’s experience, the biggest limitation upon you right now is your body and your mind. But the only two possibilities in your life to exist here are also through your body and mind.
The source of all suffering that any human being may know is his body and mind.
If you have a little distance from this body and mind, you have a clear experience that you are free from suffering. Once there is no fear of suffering, what would your experience of living here be?

Right now, every step that you take is half a step because there is a fear of ‘what will happen to me.’
for a majority of the population, at least ninety percent of their life is dedicated to their security.
The steps that they take in their life are not being taken in search of joy or love or freedom or anything. It is always in search of security.
in pursuit of security, you are in pursuit of death, because life is never secure.

As long as your life and the experience of life is limited only to the physical and the mental, living with fear and being constantly security-oriented is unavoidable. It is inevitable, that's the only way you can live.
If your experience of life transcends the limitations of the physical, now the physical and mental is still there in your life, but you are never a part of it. You can use it, you can enjoy it, but you never become that.

‘If you are a vested interest, you shouldn’t talk about enlightenment.’