Mind is your Business

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A short book, from a compilation of talk.
To be read for sure. Profound. Des-identification.


Most of us experience the mind as a continuous and seemingly unstoppable train of thoughts running through our heads. Behind this incessant flow lies a sophisticated web of likes, dislikes, attitudes, habits, inhibitions, morals…
Compiled from a variety of discourses, this volume weaves together questions posed by seekers.

The whole process of yoga, Sadhguru says, is to give one the ability to use the mind as a tool for one’s wellbeing and liberation.
It is this shift – from being a slave to the mind to having the mastery to use it at will – which this book seeks to offer.

The Circus of the Mind

"Only if you are out of the circus of your mind, you will be hundred percent free of madness."

On one level it is a mess, but on another, it is a highly coordinated activity.
A billion things are happening in this body right now simply because there is an extremely well-coordinated play and dance of neurons in the brain. But unfortunately, in most people’s experience, the mind has become a mess.

Why is it that the mind, which is the most miraculous instrument and the most miraculous possibility in our life, has also become such a misery-manufacturing machine?
Every kind of misery that human beings are going through is manufactured in their minds. Unable to bear the mental torture, people have invented various kinds of deviations and perversions on this planet just to somehow deal with the mess of the mind.

it is just that if you keep your intellect unidentified from anything, starting from your body – if you do not even look at yourself as a man or a woman, if you do not identify with your family, your qualifications, your society, your caste, creed, community, nation, or whatever million other identifications that you take on in your life – every human being will naturally lead himself on to his ultimate nature.

You can make a distinction between the floor and the chair only because your intellect is functioning.

Some of you must have experienced in your kitchens, when you cut an onion with a knife, and then cut mangoes or apples, everything tastes like an onion.
Once your intellect gets identified with something, then you get all messed up. This identity is not on one level, it is on many levels. Because of this complex system of identifications, you are in a complex mess.

what is the problem whether you eat from a gold plate or a steel plate?
the identification with something as simple as that is so deep that if he ate from another plate, he would become sick.
Your identifications are so very deep with big things and small things.

Only when you get dis-identified, when you are able to be involved but not entangled, only then it can stop.

“Your mind need not be controlled; your mind needs to be liberated.”