Life and Death in One Breath

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life and death are inseparable. Only one who understands this, who is willing to accept the reality of death wholeheartedly, can ever hope to live totally. Conversely, only one who has lived fully will be prepared to die gracefully.

Living Life to the Fullest

“Wherever you are in your life, there is something within you which is longing to be a little more than what you are right now.”

the quality of relationships that you hold in your life largely decides the very quality of life that you live.
So when relationship is playing such an important role in your life, I think it needs to be looked at.

So what is the basis of a relationship? First of all, why do human beings need a relationship?
The needs may be physical, psy- chological, emotional, social, financial, political.
the fundamental aspect of it is that you have a need to fulfill. “No, I have nothing to get… I want to give.” Giving is also as much of a need as receiving"

The needs within a human being have arisen because of a certain sense of incompleteness. People are forming relation- ships to experience a certain sense of completeness within themselves.
When you have a good relationship with someone dear to you, you feel complete. When you do not have that, you feel incomplete.
The fundamental reason is that we have not explored this piece of life (referring to self) in its full depth and dimension.

The expectations that most people are creating are such that there is no human being on the planet who could ever fulfill those expectations.

More conflict is happening within the four walls of the home than anywhere else on the planet.
if you constantly try to mind-read the other person and fulfill their expectations, you will become a wreck. There is no way you can gauge it 100% and have a beautiful relationship.

If you do not have any kind of relationship in your life, you become depressed. So fundamentally, you are seeking a relationship be- cause you want to be happy, you want to be joyful.
if you are happy by your own nature, relationships will become a means for you to express your happiness, not to seek happiness.
If you are forming relationships to seek happiness, you trying to squeeze happiness out of somebody and that person trying to squeeze happiness out of you, this is going to be a painful relationship after some time.

if you have become a joy by yourself, no- body is going to complain about you because you are in the process of expressing your joy, not seeking joy from the other person.
Shifting your life from pursuit of happiness to an expression of joyfulness is what needs to happen if relationships really have to work.

If your body goes in search of a relationship, we call this sexuality.
If you mind goes in search of relationships, we call this companionship.
If your emotion goes in search of relation- ships, we call this love.
If your energies go in search of relation- ship, we call this yoga.

Whether it is sexual- ity, or companionship, or love, or yoga, you are trying to become one with something else. Because somehow, just being who you are right now is not enough.
but it does not make you one. There is a longing to become one with something else, because you feel the way this one is right now is not sufficient.

The word “yoga” means that in your experience, everything has become one.
So how many ways are there to reach to your ultimate union with life, or with everything? You can only work with what you have, isn’t it?

“Relationships are a longing for inclusiveness, and if you approach it as such and include the other as a part of yourself, then however they are, whichever way they are, they will be just fine with you.”