How much do I want to read more? 8/10

An old and very nice book.


Hung By The Tongue isn’t just a book of teachings concerning what we say. It is a spiritual journey of mountains and valleys.


One might think that is just for those with great faith because Jesus said, “If you believe what you say…” Therefore, we tend to mentally disqualify ourselves by thinking that this does not apply to us since we are not people of great faith.
Wait, just hold on a minute and think with me. People do say what they believe. Therefore, they believe what they say.
Jesus said, “If you believe what you say, you will have whatever you say.”

God created us in His image. Part of that likeness is the ability to speak, and thus the power to create our future, and change the way we rely upon our past. No other species on earth has that unique ability.
Only we who are created in the image of God possess this ability to believe, decide, and speak in order to have.
Finally, we cannot rise above what we allow ourselves to think or say.
“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”


Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said, “So he will be” just as he thinks. As we think, so shall we speak, act, plan, and execute.
you will have what you say.
This principle is actually a LAW, like a law of physics that cannot be broken.
you will have what you say, and you will not rise above what you allow yourself to think.
as we give, so shall it be given back to us.

the Apostle Paul tell us in Romans 12 to be not conformed to this world (as we are), but to be transformed (changed) by the renewing of your mind. In the Greek language, the word “transformed” actually is metamorphosis (as a worm is changed into a butterfly).

We believe things that go unchallenged in our lives today. Many are unnecessary, spoken curses, old wives tales, superstitions, early childhood memories, hereditary beliefs, etc. This type of thinking limits our growth, and we will not rise above what we allow ourselves to think.

the natural mind alone or the sensual part of you cannot know God. God speaks to you though your spirit, and your spirit speaks to your mind.
Since we need to reprogram our computer (i.e. the mind and all of its thoughts) is there a program that we might obtain to begin the process?
the Bible, Humanism…

Part of the process of renewing our mind is to fill our life’s heart and mind with the Word of God through reading it.

one who thinks he is sick. If they think on it long enough they really do develop a physical sickness. It is true.

Let’s look at a football team, for example. The coach gives them a pep talk before they go out. He is using words and thoughts to condition their minds to win.
Victory or defeat is born in the mind.
Thoughts are the seeds planted in the garden of the mind.
A good gardener will pull the weeds out so that the good plants will grow unhindered. So it is with your mind. Pull down the bad thoughts and only allow good thoughts to be planted in the garden of your mind, because everything that is left there will grow.

You Must Know God’s Will For Your Life