Acres of Diamonds - Our Everyday Opportunities

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Old book about how to make business. Things like ask your customers what they want before to invest into making things they won't buy.
Look at your own place before running the world. Wealth and opportunities are all around you if you could see them.
Most of it is dated and repetitive and not so interesting. But it still feels like a classic.

An Appreciation

by showing what one man can do in one day and what one life is worth to the world.

A man dies, but his good work lives.
His ideas, ideals, and enthusiasms have inspired tens of thousands of lives. A book full of the energetics of a master workman is just what every young man cares for.

Acres of Diamonds

The idea is that in this country of ours every man has the opportunity to make more of himself than he does in his own environment, with his own skill, with his own energy, and with his own friends.

Ali Hafed owned a very large farm. He was contented because he was wealthy, and wealthy because he was contented.
Ali Hafed heard all about diamonds, how much they were worth, and went to his bed that night a poor man. He had not lost anything, but he was poor because he was discontented. "I want a mine of diamonds,"
So he sold his farm, collected his money, left his family in charge of a neighbor, and away he went in search of diamonds.
the poor, afflicted, suffering, dying man could not resist the awful temptation to cast himself into that incoming tide, and he sank beneath its foaming crest, never to rise in this life again.
The man who purchased Ali Hafed's farm one day led his camel into the garden to drink. "Here is a diamond!"
they rushed out into that old garden and stirred up the white sands with their fingers, and lo! there came up other more beautiful and valuable gems than the first.
"Had Ali Hafed remained at home and dug in his own cellar, or underneath his own wheat- fields, or in his own garden, instead of wretchedness, starvation, and death by suicide in a strange land, he would have had 'acres of diamonds.'"

The moment a young man or woman gets more money than he or she has grown to by practical experience, that moment he has gotten a curse.
It is no help to your children to leave them money, but if you leave them education, if you leave them Christian and noble character, if you leave them a wide circle of friends, if you leave them an honorable name, it is far better than that they should have money.

One of the best things in our life is when a young man has earned his own living, and when he becomes engaged to some lovely young woman, and makes up his mind to have a home of his own.

You must first know the demand. You must first know what people need, and then invest yourself where you are most needed.