Treasury of Spiritual Wisdom - A Collection of 10,000 Inspirational Quotations

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You can take as much water from the ocean as you are capable of carrying, but if you don't bother to go down to the shore with a pot you get nothing at all….

—- Annamalai Swami

Giving is the secret of abundance….

—- Sivananda

The true wonder of the world is available everywhere, in the minutest parts of our bodies, in the vast expanses of the cosmos, and in the inter- connectedness of these and all things….

—- Michael Stark

Abundance is knowing that everything you need has already been supplied….

—- Shantidasa

Man is not the sum total of what he has already, but rather the sum of what he does not yet have, of what he could have….

—- Jean-Paul Sartre

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple; no one can count the apples in a seed….

—- Anonymous

Supply is infinite, but there must be receptivity….We can have all the supply we will give. But that is where the barrier is—the unwillingness to give. That is where the lack or limitation is….

—- Joel Goldsmith

You can go to this inexhaustible ocean with a small cup and bring away only that small cup of bounty and blessing. Or, if you have faith enough, you can take a bucket and bring away a bucketful. It makes no difference to the ocean. Nor does it matter how often you go….abundance is always there….

—- Henry T. Hamblin

To him that has, more shall be given; but from him that has not, the little that he has shall be taken away….

—- Jesus