Communication Skills - A pratctical guide to improving your social intelligence, presentation, persuasion and public speaking

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

The author has a nice pedagogy in teaching what he read and experienced for himself.
Definitely worth reading.


It’s one of the most important abilities in life.

My self-development journey started. It exploded and I never stopped my quest of self-betterment. I started reading TONS of books and watching LOADS of DVD’s about many different subjects, which I decided to master in a few years’ time. Sales, startups, soft-skills, meditation, emotional intelligence, eastern philosophy, NLP … verbal communication was one of those crucial topics.

Every single day, you need to ask yourself this question:
What can I do even better, more efficiently, differently and more effectively?
the question you need to constantly ask yourself isn’t, “What did I do wrong?” It is, “What can I do even better, more simply, differently and more effectively to improve my communication with other people?”
It is extremely important for you to constantly analyze your communication style and pay attention to communication patterns you use. You need to become aware of these things and find motivation to work on your personal development, improving the quality of your life.

Non-verbal communication is imprecise, whereas verbal communication is precise, so only both of these aspects used together properly will decide the overall quality of communication. Effective communication is a verbal communication supported by congruent non-verbal messages (tone of voice, facial expression, posture, gestures, etc.). The congruence between these two elements is what makes communication truly effective.

Part I: The Right Attitude and a Little Bit About Emotions