Path 2 purpose - Special coaching guide

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

A nice set of advices, template, call to action, to find your purpose and work on it.

Introduction - Finding Your Path

Life is meant to be enjoyed, explored, shared and well lived. Success in life begins with knowing your purpose.

Lesson 1 - Prepare for Opportunities that Don’t Exist Yet

Staying on your path to purpose begins with preparing for opportunities that don’t exist yet.
Life is about motion, so the key is to keep moving mentally.
The only way to do this is to prepare for the life you want. Always look forward, even when you are not sure of the future.

Opportunities straight ahead


You must discov- er what you love so as opportunities arise you only choose to follow the ones that lead to the life that you really want. To build a life and business that you love, you must pay attention to what feeds you and to what nourishes your soul.
“Am I currently doing what I want to spend the rest of my life doing?”

Can you see yourself progressing toward your ulti- mate goal? Or are you just working to provide food and shelter for yourself and your family?
Focus on what you have felt most satisfied doing re- gardless of what others think or have said you should feel.


Entrepreneurs often become stuck and bogged down with all the responsibilities of building their business.


Big things don’t happen on their own. You must stay in a state of preparation looking forward to new possibili- ties. Doors of opportunity will begin to open as you carry yourself with an attitude and air of expectation.
You must believe BIG things are about to happen. I always encourage my clients to raise their expecta- tions because what you are seeking is seeking you. What are you expecting? Your outlook will make all the difference.

Big plans always await prepared people.

By really taking the time to think through your life and things that you love to do is like creating a map for yourself.

Take Action!

Preparation action steps:

  1. You will attract what you focus on and prepare for. So think for a moment of the 5-7 categories that most interest you! Is it cooking, shopping, baking, photography, traveling, working out, etc?
  2. List your likes. Write down those topics or trends that seem to dominate your life.
  3. Now hunt and gather to fill your files. Look through a variety of sources, especially your magazines for: Articles, statistics, books, pamphlets and pictures that stand out to you.
  4. Now get 5-7 file folders that speak to your personality and label them with your listed categories. Then begin to fill up with the treasured information you find.
  5. As you narrow your focus, you’ll begin to see a theme form for your life of what you really love to do, talk about, and help others with, this is your purpose profile and your business starting to take shape.


25 Things I Love.
Take a few moments and think about who you are and what you love.
List your likes; those topics or trends that seem to dominate your life.

Lesson 2 - Read For Purpose & Profits

you’ve got to flood yourself with new infor- mation. You don’t have a money problem…you have an idea and information prob- lem.
you must reprogram your mind through reading and committing to learning illuminating (eye-popping, mind opening) information!

Ask Yourself:

The Powerful Profitability of Reading

Information changes the sea- sons of your life.
It all boils down to self worth.

My purpose became crystal clear when I started to stock up on books and CDs and programs that interest me. Weekly, I would hunt & gather for information until I fine-tuned my life’s purpose.

In my years of coaching I have found this to be true: The poor always seek to entertain themselves, while the wealthy always seek to educate themselves.

Refresh Yourself with Reading

growing is what causes you to innovate and create!
There’s so much you don’t know but need to know-- now! Reading often leads you into uncommon terri- tory that opens you up to new ideas. Creativity is often birthed out of gaining a new perspective from reading and learning.

Reading has the power to make an immediate transformation in your life through brilliant truths and aha moments. When you read you tap into a reservoir of ideas for your purpose.
Books, CDs and programs are often the very road maps to the next phase in our lives.

Get hungry for instructions and they will come!

One of the biggest shortcuts to fulfilling your pur- pose is to find answers and role models from books, CDs and programs.

I used to be like you…

I can relate to the feeling of not knowing your pur- pose, your business niche, or what direction to go in next.
Years ago, I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to do everything to succeed as an author, speaker, busi- ness woman, and leader. No one told me what to do. I studied for hours, read book after book, went through program after program.
Now filled with new information and insight, I determined not to let anything stop me from showing up where I was supposed to be in life—and never allow anything to get in the way of me pursuing my purpose.

I remember making a chart of products and programs to get from my mentors. I crossed off that list one by one until I had them all.

Take Action!

  1. Look through. Just about every one of my materials is dedicated to helping you either discover purpose or an easy way to quickly pursue your purpose with an already tried and true system..
  2. Visit a bookstore and browse the sections that stand out to you the most.
  3. Now hunt and gather to fill your files.