The game of business and how to play it - The 21 steps to irrefutable success and great personal wealth in business

How much do I want to read more? 9/10

Wow another must-read book. It's short and so simple, yet it lists invaluable lessons to apply to succeed in life and in business.
A nice compliation of wisdom for business making.
I definitely want to read and apply these.

Step 1 - The Primary Purpose of Your Enterprise

It is critical that there is a primary key, or primary purpose behind every business and profession.
I would say, actually, that you make it 100% impossible to fail when you imbue everything you do, every action you take, every product you buy-in or manufacture, every service or treatment you provide, every communication, every transaction you conduct, and the way you conduct it with this primary purpose behind it.

The primary purpose of any enterprise—huge, medium, or tiny—is to provide the highest degree of service, value and result to every person or organization that inquires of you, asks for advice from you, and buys or invests from you.

You see, the success of your enterprise has nothing to do with you. Your primary purpose must be to serve every individual who is drawn to you.
Be crystal clear, your success has nothing to do with you. Your success is ONLY and EVERYTHING to do with your customer, client or patient.
The ONLY attribute that will draw customers to you is the VALUE and RESULT that you provide in your particular field or niche.

Every morning, take just a minute or two to remind yourself what your primary function in business is: to serve and deliver actual result to your customer or client to the highest possible degree.
And then make this purpose functional in your every activity, and every communication, and every transaction throughout the day.

Step 2 - Be Truly Passionate About What You Do (Or do something else!)