Becoming a Technical Leader - An organic problem-solving approach - The Psychology of Technology

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

Probably the best book from the author. One of the most recent too.
About leadership and more about life. Probably can benefit anyone.
It starts slowly with definition. I didn't make it past "what is leadership?" yet.


We quickly realized that almost all of the successes hinged on the performance of a small number of outstanding technical workers.
What distinguished them from their less successful colleagues was a rare combination of technical expertise and leadership skills.
Like the butcher, they wanted everything in their shop to be the best. We called them technical leaders.

Over the years, the biggest lesson we have learned from our workshops is that becoming a leader is not something that happens to you, but something that you do.

From working with systems, I have learned that the process of change is always organic: It’s never possible to change just one thing at a time. Each of my behaviors is the solution to some problem from my past. To learn, I add new behaviors to serve alongside these valuable old ones.
I believe that leadership involves a nurturing process, not taking charge of people’s lives, so this book is a guide to the process of taking charge of your own development.

I offer models of leadership, so you’ll have an opportunity to let go of some old myths that may block your path. I offer models of change, so you’ll understand better what’s happening when old ideas fall away.
I hope this book will be a welcome companion on your walk through the marketplace.

Foreword - Ken Orr

As much as I liked the book, there are some things wrong with it. The first thing is that it is too long.
if you are asked to read it quickly, you simply can’t do it.
The second thing, it is too short. Just when you think Jerry is going to tell you how to solve all the world’s major problems, you have finished the book and have discovered that what Jerry has really given you is the recommendation that you think for yourself.

ultimately this book is about what you’re thinking about while you’re thinking.

Part One - Definition

The job of these first five chapters is primarily to clear away some myths and misconceptions.

Chapter 1. What Is Leadership, Anyway?

If you are a good leader, Who talks little, They will say, When your work is done, And your aim fulfilled, “We did it ourselves.”

-- Lao Tse


Whenever I want to learn about something, I arrange to teach a course on the subject. After I’ve taught the course enough to learn something, I write a book.