The Manager’s Path, A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

Sound advices, and well written.
Reading it, you want to become not only a better manager and a better person, but you want to care more about what matters.
This book will help with highlighting what matters in human relationship at work, and especially from the standpoint of a manager.

Management 101

The secret of managing is keeping the people who hate you away from the ones who haven’t made up their minds.


What to Expect from a Manager

There are the neglectful managers who ignore you, who avoid meeting with you and who never give you feedback, only to tell you suddenly that you are not meeting expectations or not qualified to be promoted.
And there are micromanagers who question every detail of everything you do and refuse to let you make any decisions on your own.
Still worse are actively abusive managers who neglect you until they want to yell at you for something.

other options. Managers who care about you as a person, and who actively work to help you grow in your career. Managers who teach you important skills and give you valuable feedback. Managers who help you navigate difficult situations, who help you figure out what you need to learn. Managers who want you to take their job someday.


an essential feature of a good working relationship. However, many managers neglect these meetings, or make them feel like a waste of your time.

1-1s serve two purposes. First, they create human connection between you and your manager.
Great managers notice when your normal energy level changes, and will hopefully care enough to ask you about it.
Being an introvert is not an excuse for making no effort to treat people like real human beings
real trust, requires the ability and willingness to be vulnerable in front of each other. So, your manager will hopefully treat you like a human who has a life outside of work, and spend a few minutes talking about that life when you meet.

The second purpose is a regular opportunity for you to speak privately with your manager about whatever needs discussing.
You should expect your 1-1s to be scheduled with some predictability so that you can plan for them.