The Formula - The Universal Laws of Success

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Original. This guy and his teams ran a large set of data about success in a scientific way to observe patterns emerge.
They found out success was predictable. We could fast-forward someone and predict if he's gonna make it or not.
Obviously it's tempting to read on to know what those "laws of success" are, and what else the study unveiled about this topic.

INTRODUCTION - Success Isn’t About You. It’s About Us.

I love this kind of stuff—the math behind our social fabric, the way numbers provide a framework for understanding the essence of our connectedness.
That’s precisely what we did with success. after harvesting mountains of data on human accomplishment, we figured out a way to break the concept down to its constituents and study its gears.
Once we began to comprehend the universal forces at work behind our individual successes and failures, fascinating findings started to emerge.

How does success emerge? How can it be measured? Why are some of my biggest heroes—remarkable scientists whose discoveries have enriched my life—so doomed to invisibility that they hardly appear in a Google search? And why are others whose work is not any more remarkable or novel propelled to stardom?
In no time, we started seeing patterns in the data, which turned into formulae we could use to predict future outcomes for ourselves, our colleagues, and even our professional rivals.
we could actually fast-forward a scientist’s career to determine her future academic impact.

Did the same patterns apply to accomplishment in sports, to rewards in art, to high achievement in sales?
What if our mathematical tool kit showed that success in all realms obeys the same universal laws?

people have a deep hunger to understand what contributes to success. It’s a topic that obsesses many of us.
And well it should. Success is not only a fundamental aspect of human experience, both practical and existential, but is also often a fundamental marker by which we measure the life we are leading.

Each success story is bound to leave a trail of data points behind.