Beyond 5.3.1 - Simple Training for Extraordinary Results

How much do I want to read more? 5/10

This book is talking about things I don't understand: Reps, Squat, Power Press, Power Clean…
This is not a book that is going to explain those terms and how to do it. Rather, this is for people who already know all this stuff.

The 5/3/1 Principles: Fuck You, Pay Me

Understand that Personal Record’s aren’t given to you; they are earned through work, struggle and sacrifice. Often, those who become depressed and discouraged after a bad workout are beginners and young lifters who don’t yet realize that greatness doesn’t always show up. There will be bad days – really bad days.
do whatever you have to do to make your next workout better than the last one.
moping around like a sad puppy dog isn’t going to help you. Change your attitude. Attitude is the one thing you have total control over.

I see so many people settling for mediocrity simply because they think successful people have some kind of advantage.
You get what you expect and you get what you deserve. Embrace that in your life and watch what happens.