Inner Bonding - Becoming a Loving Adult to Your Inner Child

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This book reminds me about the "self-compassion" books I started to read. Why is it hard to take care of ourselves like we care for others?


Taking care of ourselves on an everyday basis is an even greater challenge than healing the Child of the past, because there are so few role models in our culture of truly loving behavior—that is, behavior that is loving to ourselves and others.

Becoming a loving Inner Adult/Parent to our Inner Child is the key to a productive and joyful life, as well as to the ability to establish and sustain intimacy.
Unless we become the parents to ourselves that we always wanted, every moment of the day, our Inner Child will never believe he or she is really lovable.


CHAPTER 1 - Finding the Life We Lost in Living: Understanding Inner Bonding

You’ve achieved everything you’ve ever thought would make you happy, but the gnawing, empty feeling that something is missing is still there. To paraphrase Rabbi Harold Kushner, you’ve discovered that “all you’ve ever wanted isn’t enough.”
You may feel lost, out of touch with yourself and others, in an emotional fog much of the time.
“Where is the life we lost in living?”

we don’t know what it looks like to be loving to ourselves.
We abuse ourselves, ignore or deny our pain—all because we don’t know what else to do.
How do we make ourselves happy? How do we bring joy into our lives?”

We all take care of whatever we value.
How, then, can we learn to value ourselves so that we can become loving to ourselves?

Inner Bonding is about giving ourselves, each and every moment, what we never had—or never learned—as children. It is about developing a loving relationship between our Adult and our Inner Child, a relationship that takes care of our Selves when we are around others and when we are alone.

What Is Inner Bonding?