How to Own Your Own Mind

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Great book. How lucky we can feel to assist to the discussion between Hill and Carnegie about personal achievement.

Introduction to How to Own Your Own Mind, by Don Green

how to think before acting;
how to recognize opportunities;
define one’s Definite Major Purpose;
and refine it until it is time to take action.

When these chapters have been mastered, you will know how to own your own mind.

Dr. Hill repeatedly emphasized, action is critical to success. But you must think before you act or your actions will be wasted.

THE power with which we think is “mental dynamite,” and it can be organized and used constructively for the attainment of definite ends. If it is not organized and used through controlled habits, it may become a “mental explosive” that will literally blast one’s hopes of achievement and lead to inevitable failure.

—- Andrew Carnegie

CHAPTER ONE - Creative Vision

“The imagination is the workshop of man wherein is fashioned the pattern of all his achievements.”
“the workshop of the soul wherein man’s hopes and desires are made ready for material expression.”
This chapter describes the methods by which some of the great leaders of America have, through the application of Creative Vision, made the American way of life the envy of the world.

“Creative Vision,”:
this is not merely another name for imagination. It is the ability to recognize opportunities and take action to benefit from them.
There are two types of imagination. One is known as synthetic imagination and the other as creative imagination.

Synthetic imagination consists of the act of combining recognized ideas, concepts, plans, facts, and principles in new arrangements.
“There is nothing new under the sun”.
Creative Imagination has its source in the subconscious mind, wherein exists, through some power unknown to science, the ability to perceive and interpret new ideas. faculty of Creative Imagination truly is “the workshop of the soul.”