The Custodians - Beyond Abduction

How much do I want to read more? 6/10

I'm not sure why and how I came by with this author. It'a bout paranormal, UFO, past lives, hypnotis, tranceā€¦
It gives different perspective at least about how we can see life. I would be curious to be in the author's mind for 1 minute and see how she sees the world. Must be so different than how I see it.



When I first began to work in regressive hypnosis and past-life therapy in 1979 I never imagined the unusual places and situations that road would take me.
I have had some incredible adventures, met some fascinating people.
retrieved valuable information that was thought to have been lost forever.

Problems which arose from phobias or health problems caused by the effects of a past life, or karmic connections that carried over and were affecting present day family relationships.
This has become my trademark, "curiosity," and it was to serve me well when it came to extracting information.

If I could handle a man dying at the explosion of an atomic bomb (A Soul Remembers Hiroshima) or the actual observation of the crucifixion of Christ (Jesus and the Essenes), I should be more prepared that most investigators to handle the abduction of human beings by aliens from outer space.