The Big Fat Surprise - Why butter, meat and cheese belong in healthy diet

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So, the point of the book is, eating fat is actually healthy, and lowering its consumption for other kind of food is dangerous and unhealthy.


pâté, beef of every cut prepared in every imaginable way, cream sauces, cream soups, foie gras—all the foods I had avoided my entire life.
Eating these rich, earthy dishes was a revelation. They were complex and remarkably satisfying. I ate with abandon. And yet, bizarrely, I found myself losing weight.

Cutting back on fat has clearly meant eating more carbohydrates such as grains, rice, pasta, and fruit.
In this period, the health of America has become strikingly worse.

Why are we avoiding dietary fat? Is that a good idea? Is there a health benefit to avoiding saturated fat and eating vegetable oils instead? Is olive oil truly the key to a disease-free long life?

What I found, incredibly, was not only that it was a mistake to restrict fat but also that our fear of the saturated fats in animal foods—butter, eggs, and meat—has never been based in solid science.

Major Sources of Different Types of Fat



1 - The Fat Paradox: Good Health on a High-Fat Diet

Stefansson made a point of living exactly like Inuit, eating almost exclusively meat and fish for an entire year. fat was the most favored and precious food to all the Inuit whom he observed.
they seemed to me the healthiest people I had ever lived with.” He witnessed neither obesity nor disease.