How I Made Over $1 Million Using The Law of Attraction The Last Law of Attraction, How-To, Or Self-Help Book You Will Ever Need To Read

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Why not? This is a short book, that promise to pack up all what's needed for the law to work for us.

Author's Forward

Most people don't believe that they have control over their own lives. They go through life reacting to circumstances not realizing that they are the cause of these circumstances. I used to be one of those people.

I, too, was one of those seekers.
However I had a wakeup call one day. One of my Aha! moments.
To be perfectly straightforward, I've read dozens of Law of Attraction books, dozens of self-help books, listened to hundreds of CD's, attended seminars, workshops, etc. I literally immersed myself in self-help and the law of attraction.

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill…“The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles…“The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel…“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne… numerous titles by Jerry and Esther Hicks (the Abraham books)…Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Ecker, Jack Canfield, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Wayne Dyer…The list goes on and on.

The simple answer is…DO EXACTLY what they say, with unwavering faith, and it will work! Instead most people (myself included) continue the Holy Grail search.
Stop searching for new material that doesn't exist!
There is no secret. There are no magical words. There is no mystical meditation. Everything you ever needed to learn to be successful, wealthy, happy, healthy, and abundant was in the first book you read.

Just take a leap of faith and promise YOURSELF one thing:

Chapter One - My Journey

I led a pretty average life. High school, girlfriends, cars. Nothing crazy
I had a real passionate desire to be rich, but not a clue how to do it.

Anthony Robbins “Personal Power” program. This was the first of many.
How could I be a stockbroker? Well after listening to Tony Robbins tapes…About 10 times in a row, I became so inspired I decided to give it a shot!
From 1993 to 1999, I did everything I could to be successful!
How much money did I make?
Very little.

while listening to my Anthony Robbins “Personal Power” tapes over and over. I constantly listened, but I never practiced his instructions. I guess they motivated and inspired me, but I didn't take the time to do what he said.
Anyway, I didn't realize it then, but if you really hate what you're doing for a job or career, you probably won't prosper at it.
Tony Robbins iterates in his program, “When you ask the Universe for something, be specific. Ask a better question!”
I had been asking myself: “How can I make money doing something I hate?” I changed this to: “How can I become wealthy from my career, and enjoy the process?”

I thought I would be successful as a stockbroker, but that ended up being just a 6 year pit-stop on the path to success.
He read the paper. Dialed the phone. Made money!
With that being said, he threw his newspaper on my desk and left. The newspaper had notes and highlights all over it.
Believe it or not, this moment changed my life forever!

the first Law of Attraction book I found was Napoleon Hill's “Think And Grow Rich”, which Tony Robbins mentioned in his program as a must read book.
It explained how to use your mind to create wealth, health, happiness. You can and will do more for mankind if you’re wealthy versus being poor.

"How can I become wealthy in my career, and enjoy the process?" But I didn't just ask myself once or twice…I began asking it of myself all day long, like an affirmation;
Belief…Having faith is by far the most important quality to create your future, and this was heavily noted in “Think and Grow Rich”
I started trading stocks in my little account. After just 3 months of trading the account, which started at $3000.00, I six-folded my money to $18,000! I finally found my passion and true calling! I was really excited!

in 1998 I made a decision; a tough one…I decided to leave the brokerage business and trade full time.
What I started applying from “Creative Visualization”, combined with the similar knowledge from “Think and Grow Rich”, moved me forward so quickly, and unexpectedly, I'm shocked even to this day.
The basic premise is to use visualization, or your imagination, to produce results. You use the imagination to the point that you’re already living your desires; sort of like fast-forwarding your life to where you want it to be or you already have a specific object that you desire.

So I began to visualize (use my imagination) that I was this incredible trader. I was already amazingly wealthy. I had my dream home. Cars. Luxury vacations
We try to control the path, the method, everything…to reaching our desires. But sometimes (more than sometimes), the Universe has a better way.

The 3 month trial whizzed by, and I continued to prosper. In December 1999 I was finished with my trial period. I had done well, and was now allowed to 'put the pedal to the metal'! And I did!
That December my gross profit was a bit over $48,000.00!
I went on over the next 11 years never having a losing week…EVER! I have averaged a steady 6 figure income and some 5-6 figure bonuses as well.

Chapter Two - The Law of Attraction and Creation - Thoughts Become Things