My life as an experiment - One man's humble quest to improve himself

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

Experience number one: unitasking.
Focus when someone is talking to you. Don't do something else. Tie yourself to your chair while working like Ulysses so you're not tempted by sirenes.
Then resisting the Internet.


I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions.
growing my own food, spend a year without human contact.

Chapter One - The Unitasker

Only single tasks. Unitasking.
We may think we’re multitasking, but we’re actually switchtasking.
I’d always wanted to learn braille. That way I could be having lunch with my boss, making polite noises, while my fingertips read the latest Andrew Jackson biography underneath the table.

there are so many temptations. So many needs to fulfill. Snacks, cups of water, caffeine, curiosity about what Julie’s doing.
I read about how Odysseus demanded his sailors tie him to the mast so that he wouldn’t take a swan dive off the starboard side when he heard the alluring singing of the Sirens.
I’ve tied myself to the gray Aeron chair in front of my computer. Five minutes ago, I thought of adjusting the lamp. But then I’d have to unknot the cord and get up. I keep my butt in the chair and return to my computer. It’s working!

Internet an enormous hassle. Simply turning it off isn’t enough for me. I’d just go back and turn it on.