Oxygen - The molecule that made the world

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The topic is good, but the book isn't nice to read. It's more like a history book about physists, biologists. Different stories.
The book is thick, and it may be more like an encyclopedia, relating many facts about the subject.
Then it might be that the best way to read this book is spead reading to extract the most interesting fact.


Introduction - Elixir of Life — and Death

Our bodies are beautifully designed to deliver oxygen to each of our 15 million million cells.

This book is about life, death and oxygen: about how and why life produced and adapted to oxygen; about the evolutionary past and future of life on Earth; about energy and health, disease and death, sex and regeneration; and about ourselves.

higher oxygen pressures really did affect health. For example, patients with pneumonia living at high altitude in cities like Mexico City, where the oxygen pressure is low, were found to have a better chance of recovery if rushed down to the plains, where oxygen pressure is higher.