The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton

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Notes about this interesting man. And it's an interesting read indeed. I don't know why, but it's sometimes interesting to read about an interesting man for no reason at all.


Following Merton's death in 1968, John Howard Griffin was appointed this biographer the next year. By 1977 Mr. Griffin was too ill to continue, and I was appointed in the fall of 1978.
I am now the only person, apart from the trustees, who has read the original journals of 1956-68.
I never met Thomas Merton.
I have tried to give the whole sense of what he was saying.

"Who are all those people you have brought with you?"
The disciple whirled around to look.
Lao said: "Don't you understand?"

-- The Way of Chuang Tzu

Thomas Merton who wrote so much about himself, Merton found himself a mystery.
when Merton talked to you he made you feel that you were his most inti­ mate confidant, that he opened himself to you and you opened your­ self to him in a way which made it an exchange like no other, and that this friendship could not be duplicated by either of you with anyone else.

PART ONE - Canigou

"… it seems to me there is no more fascinating subject in the world than the influence of surroundings on human character."

-- Ruth Merto11

To some extent we each invent our own ancestry and create our own childhood.

With few resources, she worked on the intsrior decoration herself, then read every manual of child care she could borrow. If surroundings were so influential on character, she was determined the child would have the right ones.
The child, a son, was born shortly after nine in the evening on Sun­ day, January 31, 1915, during a snowstorm.
She was deter­ mined the boy would be called Tom.