Its Not Supposed to Be This Way - Finding unexcpected strength when disappointments leave you shattered

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There's this notion of not clinging to one's control of life, accepting the unexpected for our own good, beyond our comprehension.


We cannot control our outcomes.
There is more to all of this than you know.


as we empty ourselves of the misconceptions we have of the way life should be, "Going to the Wel": the good stuff.
When we empty ourselves of our misplaced hopes and limited perspectives, we have to fill ourselves up with something. So we will learn to identify our empty spaces, our thirst, and fill that void with the living water of God’s truth.

"I admit that so often I have held tightly to my own plans and to the outcomes that I think should come to pass. But I know the story You’re writing for me is so much better than any story I could ever write for myself. Help me to cling to this truth when my circumstances are uncertain and unpredictable. I declare my trust in You above it all."


Sometimes to get your life back, you have to face the death of what you thought your life would look like.
Life isn’t turning out the way we thought it would.
People should be better than they are. Circumstances should be better than they are. Finances should be better than they are. Relationships should be better than they are.
he disappointment that is exhausting and frustrating you? It holds the potential for so much good.

You see, disappointment can be a gift from God that feels nothing like a gift at all.