My Life - An Illustrated Biography

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

It looks like a lovely story. Almost like a fairy tale for kids. Sounds so simple.
A nice read for sure.

I Will Fly
I am born with potential.
I am born with goodness and trust.
I am born with ideas and dreams.
I am born with greatness.
I am born with confidence.
I am born with wings.
I am not meant for crawling,
So I won’t, I have wings,
I will fly, fly and fly.

Chapter One

As the sun goes lower and lower, the sky turns a vivid red and golden. The sea reflects this beautiful play of colours.
This is one of my favourite memories of my boyhood.
I was the first child to be born in this house.
I was sure that being one of the tree-climbing men in the coconut grove would be a wonderful occupation when I was older.