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How much do I want to read more? 7/10

It's funny, and can looks like a stupid challenge. Yet it reminds me of me. I used to read the dictionary and encyclopedia because I felt an interest about anything. And today I read as many book as I can, maybe because of that same interest in many things.
It may seems mechanical. But the idea is good actually. We're in his seat reading it too, he stops from time to time to comment on what he's reading, regarding his experience.


I feel as if I've just stuffed my brain till there are facts dribbling out of my ears.
I am determined. I'm going to read this book from A to Z. I'm on my way. Just 32,900 pages to go!

A couple of days after I placed my order, my boxes arrive.
It's a handsome set of books--sleek and black, with gold embossing on the spine that spells out the first and last entries in that volume.
Is this the best use of my time?



"Ancient East Asian music. See gagaku."
What a tease! Right at the start, the crafty Britannica has presented me with a dilemma. Should I flip ahead to volume 6 and find out what's up with this gagaku?