Life-Enriching Education - Nonviolent Communication Helps Schools Improve Performance, Reduce Conflict, and Enhance Relationships

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

Wonderful book. All the NVC principles and heart distilled in education.
A parenting book like no others. For both parents and teachers.
It speaks to the heart. The author had a heart, and it's pumping ours like an invisible vessel is connected to ours.

Foreword by Riane Eisler

Most present educational systems are not preparing children to meet the unprecedented challenges of the twenty-first century.
an education that prepares children to learn throughout their lives, relate well to others and themselves, be creative, flexible, and venturesome, and have empathy not only for their immediate kin but for all of humankind.

Enriching life—expanding our minds, hearts, and spirits—should be the goal of education.
Unfortunately, traditional education has often constricted rather than expanded. It has interfered with our natural curiosity and joy in learning, suppressed inquisitiveness and critical thinking.

One of the most notable characteristics of Rosenberg’s work is this focus on caring, empathy, and nonviolence.

Young people begin to see school as a place of exploration, a place to share feelings and ideas, a safe and exciting place where each child is recognized and valued, and the human spirit is nurtured and grows.

And there is more. When we give young people the opportunity to experience relations based on mutual respect and caring, we not only promote their well-being, learning, and personal growth.

Author’s Foreword

Life-Enriching Education is based on the premise that the relationship between teachers and students, the relationships of students with one another, and the relationships of students to what they are learning are equally important in preparing students for the future.

Children need far more than basic skills in reading, writing, and math, as important as those might be.
how to think for themselves, how to find the meaning in what they learn, and how to work and live together.

My History in Schools in the United States

I saw the teachers and administrators as being brutalized by the educational structures just as much as the students.
My growing awareness of how these educational structures did not support values that were in harmony with my own, led me to explore alternative educational structures.

Offering Life-Enriching Education Around the World

Life-Enriching Education is designed to support:

let me remind you that information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other and we need them all.

-- Arthur C. Clarke

CHAPTER 1 - Toward/Life-Enriching Education


a vision for the future of education.
a process of education that can serve, not arbitrary order and authority, but life itself.
to make life more wonderful for themselves and others.
opposite of Domination Education.

Life-Enriching Organizations

families, schools, businesses, or governments, value the well-being of each person in the community or organization and support Life-Enriching connections between the members of the group:

  1. The people are empathically connected to what each is feeling and needing—they do not blame themselves or let judgments implying wrongness obscure this connection to one another.
  2. The people are aware of the interdependent nature of their relationships and value the others’ needs being fulfilled equally to their own needs being fulfilled—they know that their needs cannot be met at someone else’s expense.
  3. The people take care of themselves and one another with the sole intention of enriching their lives—they are not motivated by, nor do they use coercion in the form of guilt, shame, duty, obligation, fear of punishment, or hope for extrinsic rewards.



In a Life-Enriching organization, we get what we want but never at someone else’s expense—getting what we want at someone else’s expense cannot fulfill all our needs.
to express our needs without blaming others and to listen respectfully to others’ needs, without anyone giving up or giving in—and thus create a quality of connection through which everyone’s needs can be met.

Life-Enriching Education