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How much do I want to read more? 7/10

A guy going from identity crisis (school, women, drugs) to priest and conseling young people, so they can avoid doing the same mistake.
Why not. I'm also in an identity crisis, except I'm not 20 anymore, and I don't remember I had one at the time. I never felt like buying the latest car, nor trying alcohol. About girls, I was so shy it was only platonic letters.
Anyhow, I can relate, feeling empty, not knowing what life is all about, not knowing who I want to be.
Maybe there are some clues here. I'm not a fan though about how he introduce the Bible and God "rules" as "the way" to live by. I mwan, he looks very restrictive when tackling such a broad and sensitive subject, but let's see, I shall read and see.


I imagined I would do just about anything, as long as the job paid me enough money so that I could eat and party.
It’s been sixteen years since that day, and my life has taken some very interesting twists and turns. I’ve gone from small-town kid to big-city adult, gotten married, become a father, and worked my way through several jobs. The most unexpected plot twist is what I do now: I’m a pastor at a large church.

I’ve also walked alongside and counseled literally thousands of other people in their twenties or early thirties. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work, what brings happiness and what brings pain.

I’ve learned that college, and school in general, doesn’t prepare anyone for life’s biggest challenges.
The darkest days for many are those years following college. This is where someone goes from the one routine they’d known since age five—attending classes, obeying teachers, and taking tests—to another routine that is full of a freedom no one is really ready for.

Section One - Adulting with purpose

1 - Life - DON’T MISS IT

It seems most of my life I’ve been asking:
What is life all about?
identity crisis. I had no idea who I wanted to be.

Women? From the fifth grade on, I was never without a girlfriend. Most of those relationships overlapped; I’d start seeing someone new before breaking up with my existing girlfriend, a strategy more commonly known as “cheating.”
I was also addicted to online pornography, just like pretty much every other guy I knew.

when I was a kid and really wanted a remote-controlled car I’d seen on a commercial at Christmastime. Do you remember really wanting a particular gift? When Christmas came around and I actually got the exact gift I wanted, I was happy—for a couple of hours. That’s about how long it took for the excitement to wear off, and for me to realize this greatest-toy-ever wasn’t really as much fun as they made it look on TV. I’d been lied to.
That’s what the world does. It lies to you. I had searched for significance in the wrong things and only realized that after having them and still coming up empty.

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