How the Other Half Learns - Equality, Excellence, and the Battle Over School Choice

How much do I want to read more? 6/10

So the author starts with feeling embarassed about bright kids from poor family that goes to school and which potential is not fulfilled, because the teacher has to focus on the kids around doing poorly.
Is there a chance for all to succeed in school? Is succeeding in school equals succeeding in life in the first place?
I'm more likely to think that Internet puts everyone equals regarding accessing to knowledge and education.

CHAPTER 1 - The Tiffany Test

The person who has had the greatest influence on my career in education was a ten-year-old girl named Tiffany.
Will this make it more likely or less likely that kids like Tiffany—promising low-income children of color in places like the South Bronx—will get what they need to reach their full academic and life potential?

Children who are ready for new intellectual challenges pay a price when they sit in classrooms focused on their less proficient and less engaged peers.

Tiffany was neglected by me, by other teachers, and by the systems we have created.
had she attended my daughter’s school, two subway stops and a world away on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, she easily could have found her way to Harvard, Princeton, Stanford.