The Life You Can Save - Acting Now to End World Poverty

How much do I want to read more? 6/10

The topic is important. We should all feel concerned about poverty. I'm glad this book has been written.
Our misery is relative. Our success could serve people in need. The money we spend on non essential things could be essential to many.


What ought I be doing to help?
to that bottle of water, to the money we spend on things that aren’t really necessary. If it is so easy to help people in real need through no fault of their own, and yet we fail to do so, aren’t we doing something wrong?

The ultimate purpose of this book is to reduce extreme poverty, not to make you feel guilty.

For reasons that I’ll explore in this book, many of us find it difficult to consider giving money to people we’ve never met, living in distant countries we’ve never visited.


1. Saving a Child

The World Bank defines extreme poverty as not having enough income to meet the most basic human needs for adequate food, water, shelter, clothing, sanitation, health care, and education.
the World Bank set the poverty line at $1.25 per day. The number of people whose income puts them under this line is not 1 billion but 1.4 billion.
in 1981 there were 1.9 billion people living in extreme poverty.

In wealthy societies, most poverty is relative. People feel poor because many of the good things they see advertised on television are beyond their budget.

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