DotCom Secrets - The underground playbook for growing your company online

How much do I want to read more? 9/10

Amazing book for business and marketing.
Those are really secrets learned from decades of experience, and you better not to miss them. or it might takes you decades to figure it out on your own.

FOREWORD by Dan S. Kennedy


This book is the first of its kind to actually reveal what is really happening behind-the-scenes in their fast-growing companies.

It is your responsibility to resist the seduction of short-lived, bright and shiny lures.
Invest your time ‘n treasure in information, skill and properties that can yield harvest after harvest after harvest—not fleeting fads, not sexy ideas that age very poorly.


Low traffic and weak conversion numbers are just symptoms of a much greater problem.
More often than not, it’s a FUNNEL problem.
“The problem is you can’t spend enough to acquire a customer, and the way to fix that problem is to fix your sales funnel,”
“Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.”


When the news ended, I was waiting for him to send me to bed, but he didn’t, so I started watching what came on next. It was one of those late night infomercials.
I still remember calling the 1-800 number to order. When the box showed up, my heart was racing as I ripped it open. I started reading the pages as Don explained to me the basics of direct response marketing.
And that is where this journey began for me.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was reading long-form sales letters from some of the greatest direct response marketers of all time. I saw what they were doing and how they were doing it, and it was fascinating to me.
When I purchased the product, they would send me their “system”—along.
The offline sales funnels brought prospects through a predictable series of steps.

Looking back, I think it’s funny that while most kids my age were collecting baseball cards, I was studying junk mail and learning marketing funnels.
my mom made me throw my junk mail in the garbage, but I got this one last picture with the best marketing and sales education I could have ever received.


people were using the Internet to make money in a way that was almost identical to what I had learned when I was a kid. But instead of using mail, they were using email; instead of using magazines, they had blogs; instead of the radio, they were using podcasts. It was fascinating, and I was hooked from Day One.

I created similar products and services to what others were selling online.
It took almost two full years of studying, researching, and interviewing successful marketers before I realized that what I was seeing online wasn’t the full business.
there were multiple funnels happening behind the scenes that made the magic work.
I found that the difference between a ten-thousand-dollar website and a ten-million-dollar company was all of the things happening AFTER a buyer came into the initial funnel.

This book is the culmination of a decade spent analyzing hundreds of companies and their successful sales funnels.


  1. Everything I Show You in this Book Is Evergreen. I only focus on strategies and concepts that will remain the same—even when technology changes.
  2. I Don’t Just Teach This Stuff; I Actually Do It. “shovel sellers” are selling you Internet marketing strategies without actually using any of the strategies themselves. Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer.

I’ve also had a chance to teach these DotComSecrets at Tony Robbins’ Business.

Sections 1, 2, and 3 are going to give you the core concepts that you MUST understand before you can create your first marketing funnel.
Section 4 describes the many different sales funnels we use in our companies every day.
Section 5 will show you some of the easier ways to implement all the technology involved.

  1. Image Recall. The reason the pictures are so basic is because I want you to be able to look at the image and immediately recall the concepts. The graphics are engineered for instant recall.



I asked myself, “WHO is the person I really want to work with?” Up to that point in my business, I had been trying to sell to anyone and everyone I could.
“Where could I serve my customer at the highest level?”
I realized it wasn’t through a product or a service. Rather, it was by giving them a result that would change their lives. That result is where I wanted to take them.

Where are these people? How can I find them online? What type of bait can I create to attract my dream client and repel everyone else?


four simple questions.
companies pay me twenty-five thousand dollars per day to help them understand and implement this formula and the funnels and scripts inside of this book.

Question #1: Who Is Your Dream Client?

Most of us start with a product idea, never thinking about who we want as clients, customers, vendors, and associates.
But these are the people you will be interacting with day in and day out.

Ex: The good thing was there were a LOT of people who wanted to start businesses, and we made a lot of money teaching them. But the downside was that most of them didn’t have any money (and couldn’t invest in the higher-ticket things I wanted to sell). And most had no business experience, so I had to spend tons of time on the fundamentals, and that drove me crazy (which is why I didn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings)
I literally spent years serving these customers, and it made me miserable. My family suffered, and no matter how much money we made, I wasn’t happy

Who are my dream clients?
What do they look like?
What are they passionate about?
What are their goals, dreams, and desires?

I sat down and created two customer avatars: one for the men I wanted to work with and one for the women I wanted to work with.

She is successful and driven; she has a message to share; she values her personal growth over money; and she’s already grown her business to at least five figures a year.

He is a former athlete. At some point, he has helped to change someone’s life in a small way and wants to learn how to help more people. He values growth over money, and he’s already built his business to at least five figures a year.

I found a picture that looked like the women in my mind. I printed it out and hung it on my wall. I did the same for Mike, and within minutes, I had both pictures of my dream clients hanging on my wall.

It’s amazing how your perspective changes when you have a physical picture of your ideal customer—instead of a hazy, half-formed image in your head.

Question #2: Where Can You Find Them?