Because of Mr Terupt

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

That's really cool, all those experience and memories kids may have from the interaction of a nice teacher.
It's teaching human nature, psychology, teaching, learning. Just like if you're in the classroom.

FOREWORD - John Irving

a story about a life-changing teacher, one we all wish we had.

part one - september


When I came back into the classroom after my fourth or fifth trip, Mr. Terupt looked at me and said, “Boy, Peter, I’m gonna have to call you Mr. Peebody, or better yet, Peter the Pee-er. You do more peein’ than a dog walking by a mile of fire hydrants.”
“My grandpa used to tell me to tie a knot in it.”

How cool was Mr. Terupt? His reaction was better than being yelled at like the old farts would have done.
This year, for the first time in my life, I started thinking school could be fun.


Mr. Terupt’s smile. It was a friendly one.
“Well, this is my first day, too. So I guess we’ll try to figure things out together,” he said.

“I really like happy endings,” I said.
“Me too,” Mr. Terupt said. “I’ll do my best to give you a happy ending this year.”

I smiled again. I couldn’t believe it. My teacher was new, too. And he liked what I was reading. I don’t know why, but somehow he made my butterflies disappear and my tongue shrink. Things were going to be okay.