Superfans - The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, And Build a Successful Business

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I really like the way the author relate with his customers. It's like a good story with a good man: caring about people.
"You don’t need to change the entire world to build a successful business; you just need to change someone’s world."
That is inspiring. Less intinidating that what we may think. Change one person's life. Can you do that?



But little did I realize, April’s hyperfandom for the Backstreet Boys would be vital in helping me learn how to build a successful multimillion-dollar business of my own with superfans all around the world.
I don’t have any hit songs or platinum albums. I don’t have my own action figure, and I definitely don’t have my own calendar.
I do, however, have a thriving business that is a result of the superfans who stand behind it.
When I share that I have a new product coming out, I’ll have a waitlist of sometimes thousands of superfans who want to be the first to get their hands on it.

Fans are important, but superfans are everything.

Everyone is a fan of something, but if you’re a superfan, you behave a little differently.
You might even start a YouTube channel or a podcast about it, and over time, you’ll influence even more people to start loving this thing.
Superfans invest time, money, and, most importantly, emotion into what they love.
When the team wins, superfans feel like they’ve won, too.

focusing on the experiences that create superfans is more important than any other activity in your business. It’s more important than getting more traffic, more followers, more views, or more subscribers. It’s even more important than building your email list and acquiring more customers.
Because when you focus on creating superfans, as a byproduct you’ll get more traffic, more followers, more views, and more subscribers. You’ll build a stronger, more targeted tribe who will go out of their way to support you and what you do. They’ll be more engaged, more excited, and more likely to take action. And they’ll be more likely to buy from you, too!

Instead of spending money on ads, spend more time on people. Instead of worrying about the latest growth hacks and strategies, worry about identifying and addressing the biggest pains and problems in your target audience. Instead of figuring out how to optimize your conversion rates, figure out the rate at which you’re able to connect authentically with your audience and make them feel special.

your very own superfans will join you not because of a single, huge magical moment, but because of those many smaller magical moments.
your superfans are out there waiting for you to connect with them. You just need to create that journey, to pave the yellow-brick road that will guide them surely and steadily to superfandom.


The Internet Business Mastery Podcast, hosted by Jason Van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen.
I found myself in what was a formally structured roundtable discussion called a mastermind group.
when they heard I wasn’t doing anything beyond advertisements to monetize the site, they were even more excited to point me in the right direction.
“Pat!” I remember Jeremy himself exclaiming. “You have to create an ebook and sell it on your site!”

Jackie and the Super 1,000

In December 2008, just a few months after launching my first product, I received an email from Jackie, a customer who had recently purchased my exam guide:

Pat! I needed to write this email to you to let you know just how much you’ve helped me! First of all, thank you for your LEED Exam Walkthrough, I passed my test with flying colors just a couple of weeks ago and since then, I’ve been able to get a raise and a promotion at my firm!
would it be possible for us to take you out to dinner?
I’m going to tell everyone in my office about you and your guide and make sure everyone who is studying for the exam gets it.
From your biggest fan, Jackie

I was able to experience the power that a single superfan could have in my business.
My business grew to over six figures in earnings within a year after selling my first product.

I came across an essay called “1,000 True Fans” written by Kevin Kelly.
was vital in helping me understand how achievable real, life-changing success actually was, and why I wasn’t crazy for wanting to build a business in a super small niche.
His thesis was this: If you had just one thousand true fans (which he defines as “a fan that will buy anything you produce”) and each of those true fans provided $100 profit per year on your art, your craft, your work, well, there’s your six-figure business right there!

You don’t need to change the entire world to build a successful business; you just need to change someone’s world.

quality (of fandom) is way more important than quantity (of fans). And yes, the fact that you can build superfans for something as unexciting as an architecture study guide should tell you that the same is possible for you, no matter your niche!

The Superfan Journey