Kindness and Wonder - Why Mister Rogers Matters Now More Than Ever

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A nice man. His story, his wisdom.
Are you doing anything of your time to make the world a better place?

Introduction: Hello, Neighbor

Way too many people are working overtime to make our world a worse place to live: meaner, louder, dumber, crasser, more selfish.

He was a puppeteer who manipulated most of the major puppet characters on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, He was a writer.

The second half of this book, “Ten Ways to Live More Like Mister Rogers Right Now,” distills his wisdom and his daily actions into specific precepts.
He believed that by talking about our greatest fears and trials, we could conquer them, both in our hearts and in the world. Changing people’s attitudes is the only way to achieve mass action—which is what we need to save our planet.

Part I - Let’s Make the Most of This Beautiful Day

FRED ROGERS ENTERED THE WORLD WITH A SERIOUS DISADVANTAGE, albeit a typical one: he was born a child.
Fred Rogers never forgot how powerless and disoriented he felt when he was young, and he made it his life’s work to help any children who were also on that hard road—which is to say, all of them.

Fred was pale, asthmatic, chubby, squeaky-voiced, clumsy, shy, and rich. He was also kind and funny and bright, but nobody seemed to notice that.
“I was used to neat-as-a-pin parlors with porcelain figures that seemed to whisper ‘Not to be touched!’
The turning point, when the porcelain figure escaped from its box, came when Fred was eight years old.

"I want to climb the stone walls. Can I climb the stone walls?"
“Heavens, no!” they told him. “You’ll hurt yourself!”
“So the boy wants to climb the walls. Then let the boy climb the walls! He has to learn to do things for himself.”
“For the next two and a half hours, I climbed those old walls—skinned my knee, tore my pants, and had the time of my life,”
“Fred, you made this day a special day, just by being yourself. Always remember, there’s just one person in this whole world like you—and I like you just the way you are.”