Against all grain - Delectable paleo recipes to eat well feel great

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After a few months of experiencing gastrointestinal upset, fatigue, and unexplainable anemia, I received a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis—an autoimmune disease that attacks the intestines.
My various doctors refused to speak to me about dietary changes and assured me that food could not cure the disease.

I learned that I needed to remove grains, lactose, and refined sugars.

health struggles

I found myself in the emergency room suffering from unbearable pain in my abdomen and a slew of digestive complications.
The hospital discharged me without a diagnosis and gave me prescriptions for medication that ultimately intensified my symptoms.
I was finally given a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis—a disease similar to Crohn’s disease.

About six months later, I found myself in a hospital room in Kampala, Uganda, pleading for my life as I lay precariously near death.
I was racked with debilitating pain that forced me into a wheel chair, became severely anemic.

I knew I would have to start over entirely in the kitchen, but it was a small price to pay for my health.
I embarked on my quest to create versions of the dishes that I could actually enjoy and that my body could tolerate.

a time for change

I began to modify the SCD to fit my particular food sensitivities and started a supplement regimen to aid in healing my gut. Through trial and error, and health advances and setbacks, I discovered what my body could process and what it couldn’t.
I continued my research and discovered the Paleo diet, which excludes grains, legumes, refined sugars, and most dairy.
Almost immediately, the remaining health issues I continued to experience while on the SCD began to dissipate.

Like any human, though, I still struggle daily with making the right choices and my yearning to eat what everyone else does.
I initially perceived this way of eating as a solution for my particular disease, but now continue to learn of the plethora of ailments it can also alleviate like diabetes, autism, and chronic fatigue syndrome, to name a few.

Within these pages is a collection of my most treasured Paleo recipes.

Paleo and the SCD guidelines

Paleo is not so much a diet as a way of life. In time, it will come naturally and you won’t have to constantly question what you are and are not allowed to eat.
The Paleolithic, put simply, means reverting to the foods that our bodies were intended to consume and process.



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SCD is based on the theory that eliminating complex carbohydrates can reduce inflammation, restore a healthy gut ecosystem, and make eating enjoyable once again for people with gastrointestinal disorders.



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Let’s get cooking!

My best advice for people just starting out in the grain-free world is to experiment.

Navigating a new lifestyle

Save your all-purpose flour for making play dough and your white sugar for plant food, because they will no longer be of any other use to you.

The cost of grain-free ingredients may not be a pleasant surprise if you’re just starting out. It is unfortunate that real foods are more expensive than the processed and factory-farmed alternatives, but there’s nothing more valuable than your health.

buy in bulk.
Ingredients like almond flour, coconut milk, coconut flour, and nuts can be found cheaper online, especially when purchased in large quantities.

buy local.
How my food is grown and where it comes from is important.

My ingredients