Escaping the Build Trap - How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value

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Well, I'm not that interested in this. The idea is good of course. To focus on your users's needs and bring them value.
The trap is easier to get into that you might think, to spend time building features you think are necessary. To make your overall product more complete.


The point is, you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect it to keep working. We had to do something different, but the really hard question was, “What is it?” We made plenty of mistakes along the way to answering that question, but the most important thing we identified was that we needed to know more about our customers and what problems they were really trying to solve in their businesses—even if they didn’t neatly fit into an existing category of ours.


I soon learned that my products were crap, and no one was using them.
That was my first realization that I was in what I now call, the build trap. I was so focused on shipping features and developing as many cool ideas (but mostly my own ideas) as I could that I didn’t even think about the needs of my users.

PART 1 - The Build Trap

The build trap is when organizations become stuck measuring their suc- cess by outputs rather than outcomes
It’s when they focus more on ship- ping and developing features rather than on the actual value those things produce.
When companies stop producing real value for the users, they begin to lose market share, allowing them to be disrupted.