Bloody Genius

How much do I want to read more? 5/10

A murder in a library, With a witness but she didn't see the murderer.
Weird and complicated to read. I have hard time to figure out what's happening.


She could see one now, no brighter than an iPhone, dancing like a ghost through the bookshelves.
Quill moved away from her and closer to the light. he was wearing gray dress slacks.
The killer was just as stunned. Quill had come out of nowhere.
When the killer sank the computer into the back of Quill’s head, the professor smacked the desk with his forehead.
A blow followed, a downward chop like that of a guillotine blade.
Quill was rich and handsome and famous for his research into innovative therapies for spinal nerve injuries.
The killer picked up the cell, the keys, and the murder weapon.
Quill had begun making a call to 911 when he was killed,