Chapter 23

It doesn't matter how much you learn if you don't use what you learn. So when I tell you to do your roadwork and exercise with weights and study and read ads aloud and write them out in your own handwriting, I mean for you to do it and do it now!

So don't mess around with your life. I have messed up enough for both of us.

Now, I'm going to talk to you about a big difference between people who make it in any field and those who do not.
That difference is awareness.
Most people walk around with their heads in the sand.
They are lost in a fog. They go whichever way the current of the streams of their world happens to push them. They are sheep and they are regularly shorn.

Prison is a microcosm of society and weak fish are gobbled up fast.
You can't waste time feeling sorry for yourself.
What you must be here is alert.
Guys in prison take care of themselves. They exercise their bodies, pay attention to their grooming, read, study.
you never know when opportunity will knock and, if you are smart, you must be ready.

I Work Like Crazy!
I've even learned to hold the pen another way when my hand gets tired from holding it the regular way.

Most people who are on top of things and "aware" usually know what time it is within a few minutes without looking at a clock or watch.
You should be able to guess with no more than a 7-minute margin of error either way.
This is one of the ways I check myself. And, if I am more than 7-minutes off, I take a walk or do something else physical before I have any important discussions or make any important decisions.

Chapter 24

"The Robert Collier Letter Book."
The copy explained that the writer wanted to donate a thousand dollars to a certain children's hospital but that he realized that a thousand dollars wouldn't go very far. So, what he (the writer) had decided to do was divide his $1,000.00 contribution into 1,000 - one dollar bills and then mail these bills to 1,000 different people. Now, he went on to say, what he hoped is that everybody who received one of these dollar bills would decide not to keep it and, instead, send it straight to the hospital with one or more dollars of their own.
It was probably the most effective direct mail promotion ever mailed. It got better than a 90% response and the people to whom it was mailed eventually contributed tens of millions of dollars!

How about attaching an eagle feather to a letter that tells how these birds are in danger of becoming extinct?
How about a computer microchip attached to a letter that explains why a certain new electronic product is superior to the competition?
How about my son attaching a picture of himself to a letter to his old man that tells him how he is getting into good shape?

Chapter 25

if you were off by how close you could guess what time it is? Well, another indicator is if you bump into things just a tiny bit.
Don't forget HALT. Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired. When I went into that mess hall, I was all of this except angry and I was probably a little angry too.
You see, I just wasn't on top of things.
So, now that I know I'm off, what do I do? Well, I certainly don't intend to fight this guy; That could cost me six months.
I don't want many more of these incidents either. So, what I intend to do is lay low for a while until I am feeling strong and not feeling vulnerable.

I think had I been "pumped" neither of these incidents would have happened.
I would have been more alert and never did the things that perpetuated these incidents.
And secondly, when I am "pumped" and on top of things, people react differently to me because I send out different "vibes".

when I am off, I drop out of sight and do what is necessary to strengthen myself.
People can smell it when you are weak. When you are vulnerable. They can smell success too.

One of the things I have learned here is how precious the good times and the good people are.