Boy Swallows Universe

How much do I want to read more? 6/10

That's so weird. A novel, about a boy who could talk but don't.
Very hard and confusing to read. I'm getting lost.
Some nice wisdom and insights though.

Boy Writes Words

Slim says a good way for me to remember the small details of my life is to associate moments and visions with things on my person or things in my regular waking life.
Slim says I have an adult mind in a child’s body. I’m only twelve years old but Slim reckons I can take the hard stories.
Slim says I can take the hard stories because the age of my body matters nothing compared to the age of my soul.

Mozart played piano, like every word was meant to arrive, parcel packed and shipped from a place beyond his own busy mind.

Mum says August stopped talking around the time she ran away from my dad. August was six years old. She says the universe stole her boy’s words when she wasn’t looking.
The teachers generally take August’s side because he’s a straight-A student.

Mum says when he was five or six August stared for hours into reflective surfaces.
He would sit for hours around puddles looking down at his reflection, not in a Narcissus kind of way, but in what Mum thought was an exploratory fashion, like he was actually searching for something.

August is one year older than me but August is one year older than everybody. August is one year older than the universe.

Boy Makes Rainbow