How We Fight for Our Lives

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

Donno. Not the one thing I'm eager to read. But I could be surprised.
It looks like the author is reading a book, and get fascinated like never before. And it looks like a erotic book. Weird.


Since no one has talked to him about such feelings, he does not know what they are. And yet he is drawn to them, to the dream-like quality of doing something he has never done before, yet knowing, somehow, how to do it.

1- MAY 1998

The novel turned me on. I didn’t know books were capable of anything like this. Until now, I had liked reading but it was just something you did. A good thing, like drinking water on a hot day, but nothing special. Holding Another Country in my hands, I felt that the book was actually holding me.
I could walk right into the scene, take off my clothes, and join one of the couples in bed. I could taste their tongues.